5 Reasons Why EPL is been Quoted as the Best League in World


Manchester City is once again heading to another English premier league title with their sheer dominance around rest of the teams in the leagues and whilst Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have all been chasing city in the process, the race to the top is as tight as ever. Although a lot gets changed around the Christmas time and the destiny gets twisted for a number of clubs in a matter of few matches, it would be quite interesting to see how these teams’ battles it down for the top spot in the league.


On the other hand, when we talk about the composition of the English premier league, it has been often touted as the best in the business in comparison to other leagues like LA Liga and French Ligue 1 and although there are specific arguments in both the favor and against the fact, EPL enjoys its own privileges for being the most followed league around the world. Whilst we said that, let’s take a look at certain facts which makes it the best league around the world.

Reason #1 Biggest League in Terms of Revenue Generation

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If we have a look at the numbers, almost 10 of the 20 richest clubs comes from English premier league and it’s not just about the money within the clubs, but the money coming from the global telecast rights of the league which gets distributed amongst the clubs by the governing authorities. Rarely there’s any other league which receives this much of exposure as compared to the clubs in the English premier league.

Moreover, if we talk about the total TV income along with the prize money, the top clubs in English premier league collects the most amount ( $150 million) whilst the bottom level clubs receive the same money in the lieu of $100 million. On the other hand, when we talk about the closest rivals to the English premier league, the top teams in the La Liga receives somewhere around the same amount as the teams in English premier league, but it’s the distribution of the same income to the bottom clubs which is quite low as compared to the English premier league.

This ultimately means that even the lower level clubs in the English premier league generates that much of yearly income that gives them enough money to recruit some of the famous footballers from around the world.

Moreover, these clubs have been managed by some of the best coaches around the world like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, and Antonio Conte. You can’t see this trend anywhere else in the world and that’s what makes this league, quite exclusive.

Reason #2 Getting the Best TV Slots

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You might or might not agree with the supremacy of the English premier league, but its timings are bets convenient to all the global viewers in comparison any other league around the world. The biggest reason behind the same is the convenient timings of all the premier league matches which range between noons till midnight. Although it might not come good for the audience in the Pacific region, it still attracts the biggest chunk of audience form the Asian territory in the process.

Moreover, the premier league authorities are even considering a shift of some of the matches too late morning slots in order to bring more and more audience form the Asia Pacific region on board for the league viewership. This comes as the best times for all the global fans as they don’t really have to stay awake late night in order to watch their most flowed clubs playing alongside. Additionally, if we talk about La Liga, most of the matches starts the late night and that impacts the overall viewership to a great extent.

Reason #3 The Players in EPL

English premier league players

If we talk about the indulgence of top players in the English premier league, it would ultimately become null and in the absence of the Top players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar. However, if we calculate the total number of Top international players in all the teams playing in English premier league, we would get to know that it’s not about the bests, but one of the best which are playing EPL day in and out.

Although most of the leagues like La Liga, French league and Bundesliga constitute their entire top player playing for the top two or three teams, same is not the case with English premier league. You would find even the lower level clubs comprising some of the best players in the world and that was the same reason an underdog team like Leicester won the English premier league few years back against all the odds. That is something which makes English premier league a class apart as the fans get to see good players not just limited to one or two teams and the authority is shared across the whole league.

Reason #4 Comprising the Most International Regulars

English premier league , euro cup

We can thoroughly analyze the competency of a league by the level of players it indulges in the process and English premier league leaves behind its counterparts in the same aspect as well. Every year, the most number of players which play for their countries in various International tournaments like Euro cup and World cup comes from the English premier league only and all the other clubs come after it.

This clearly shows that English premier league got its own class and competing levels which not only brought the best out of any players but attracts the attention of their national teams towards the same in the process as well. Talking about the number of players in the world cup coming from different leagues, English premier league provided in a total of 108 players participating from their respective countries in the World cup Russia 2018. La Liga came second with as many as 78 players.

Reason #5 State of the Art Football Infrastructure

English premier league stadiums

If you look at the stadiums of various clubs playing in the EPL, you will get to know that the money they are earning from the revenues is going in the right direction. And Yes, we are not just talking about the rich clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, but lower level clubs like Newcastle United, Fulham and so on. You just be there and you would feel almost the same level of high-end facilities at every stadium in the UK.

On the other hand, England has often been regarded as the Nursery of the future generation of best footballers and numerous names like Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and Rio Ferdinand have made it big to the International levels whilst starting their careers from the local academies. It’s usually been said that most of the players get trained and nourished here and then went on to play and shift to other leagues in return for some good money and fame.

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