5 reasons why England can dream of World Cup glory despite facing France in the quarter-finals?

1. Highest scorers in the World Cup –Of course, France has Kylian Mbappe, who will look to be stopped by the English defence on Saturday. But England will as well. Gareth Southgate’s team has scored 12 goals in this tournament, three more than any other team. So much for the manager stifling them. Of course, criticism of Southgate’s approach has been legitimate at times during his tenure. Even in the last World Cup, when England reached the quarterfinals, they were functional rather than exciting, relying on set-pieces to unpick opponents. Four years later, though, their performance was simply the latest reminder of how much they had matured – all while increasing their team spirit and camaraderie.

2. England have 8 different scorers – So far in the competition, England has had eight different scores. Ten of their goals have come from open play, including all three in their win over Senegal during the last group stage match. They’ve already scored more than they did in their run to the Euros final last year. Of course, the greatest tests are yet to come, but the range of their attacking threat gives reason for confidence. Eight different players have contributed to their assists. They dont have the tendency to be dependent upon individual perfor

3. Unbeaten in FIFA World Cup 2022 so far – England’s goalless draw with the United States was tedious to watch, but it was better than a defeat. Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and France have all fallen to weaker opponents, exposing their weaknesses. England, on the other hand, is unbeaten, and their confidence is growing.