Jose Mourinho takes a dig on his own team


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In a recent interview with BT Sport, Spurs manager Jose Mourinho claimed that his club’s 1-0 defeat to RB like ‘going into battle with a gun without bullets’

Spurs club were out of many crucial players for the match, including their most prominent players like Heung-min Son and Harry Kane, both will be missing the rest of the season as well. Its when the manager spoke about how the club was short of their players and went on to pick players only available to the club.


In a four-minute rant, the Portuguese told BT Sport:  “Come on, what do you mean by the real Spurs?

“Let’s be loyal to the boys and tell that they did everything they could do. Lamela, you know how many training sessions he made with the team? Zero.

“Direct from injury to recovering on the pitch with the physios, direct to 20 minutes of a game of the Champions League. That is our team.”

He added: “This is our situation. It’s like going to a fight with a gun without bullets.

“What I am worried about is not the 1-0, because the 1-0 is an open result. 1-0 we can perfectly go there and win the tie.

“What worries me is that these are our players for the next I don’t know how many matches. We have to play in two days again. We could see Lucas absolutely dead, Bergwijn was absolutely dead, Lo Celso dead.

“So we can look at it in the two perspectives. One perspective is that I am so proud of them and they did absolutely fantastic.

“Another perspective is, that’s our situation… we are really in trouble.

“If this was for this game I would say ‘okay no problem, 1-0 everything is open’, what worries me is that we have Premier League and FA Cup to play too.

“Don’t tell me that Lamela and Ndombele should start the game because they could not start the game. So these guys… fantastic.

“I cannot be happier to have guys like them with the limitations we have.”

He continued: “Here we go and Chelsea drinking sparkling water with lemon watching the game on TV and Saturday morning, thank you very much for the choice Saturday morning we are there again.”


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