3 Reasons Why Puneri Paltan Can Win Pro Kabaddi 2019 Title 

The VIVO Pro Kabaddi Season 7 has already started with some intriguing games on display, however, strong contenders Puneri Paltan are yet to kick off. They will kick-start their campaign against the Haryana Steelers on 22nd July. 

Puneri Paltan have always been a strong contender with a picture perfect blend of experience and youth, but somehow they have mastered the art of losing composure at crucial junctures, and losing matches out of nowhere.

They are yet to win their maiden title, despite boasting of really strong squads in the past, and have yet again curated one of the finest squad of Pro Kabaddi League 2019. They have signed a total of 16 players this season that includes the likes of Manjeet, Darshan Kadian, Pawan Kumar Kadian, Nitin Tomar, Amit Kumar Emad Sedaghat Nia, among others.

Let’s have a look at the 3 reasons why we feel Puneri Paltan Can Win Pro Kabaddi 2019:

#1 Quality Options in the Raiding Department Puneri Paltan Can Win Pro Kabaddi 2019

The raiding department led by Nitin Tomar is the showcasing point in the Puneri Paltan profile. The franchise raid department has the likes of Manjeet, Darshan Kadian, Pawan Kumar Kadian, Amit Kumar, and Emad Sedaghat Nia to provide support to Nitin.

Nitin Tomar is at the top of his game, having accumulated 377 raid points in 53 matches, however, fitness has continued to be a hurdle. He missed a lot of matches last season due to his fitness, but his compatriot Manjeet was in red hot form last year and should be the secondary raider. The last year’s debutant scored 87 raid points in 22 matches.

Another raider, who has been bought by Puneri Paltan this year is Darshan Kadian, who scored 49 raid points in 10 matches with a super 10 to his name. He could be the trump card that can be used in the later stages.

The rest of the raiders will also get their share of opportunities to showcase their raiding prowess and the Paltan will form a tight raiding unit.

#2 A Picturesque Blend of Youth and Experience in the Defense Department Puneri Paltan Can Win Pro Kabaddi 2019

PO Surjeet is among the best defenders Kabaddi has ever produced. One of the finest right cover defenders, he will lead the team, and also, the defensive department this year for Puneri Paltan. He scored 215 tackle points in 73 matches at an average of 2.96 tackles per match.

Another star defender is Maharashtrian Girish Ernak, who would be the player to watch-out, at the left cover position. He scored 228 tackle points in 89 matches at an average of 2.56 tackles per match and is among the most-sturdy defenders in the game.

The corner and the cover positions look strong for the Paltan and a good, solid defense could guide them to a title.

#3 Anup Kumar Experience Anup Kumar

Anup Kumar, Arjun awardee and two times Asian games gold medalist will coach Puneri Paltan in Pro Kabaddi Season 7. He was the captain of U Mumba for the first five seasons and under his leadership, U Mumba won the Pro Kabaddi Season 2 title.

His stature and ability to stay cool, calm and composed under pressure is unparalleled and Puneri Paltan will surely take a leaf out of his books. He has also been active in the circuit till recently, and the wonderful game-reader that he is, his ability to outfox the opponents would come in handy. His experience will play a big role in handling stars like Nitin Tomar, Girish Ernak and skipper Surjeet himself.

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