10 WWE Real Life Couples

Real Life WWE Couples

WWE, the reality show which sheds blood often, which mesmerizes people with the moves of the wrestlers, which is popular for the trademark moves which is tried in schools and colleges often, which is advised not to be tried in such places.

People always look forward for the violent fights which set the ring on fire. People do not always look at the lighter part of the reality show called WWE. There is a highly romantic side for the show; there are couples who are madly in love with each other. Let us look at the Top 10 couples of WWEs according to table of creative coach.

#10 CM Punk and AJ Lee

CM Punk and AJ Lee

Two very familiar face of the WWE with some incredible skills in the ring. Punk is an aggressive in nature and it seems AJ is attracted to that side of him. They make a beautiful couple with a cute charming sense among them. Giving up your dream is not an easy mindset to go through, but that is what AJ did for being fair to her husband. They are just very perfect together; perfection brings them to the TOP-10 of the creative coach table.

#9 Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Naomi loves spending time with two children of Jimmy. She seems like a mother to them more than step mother. Such is the love and care Naomi share with Jimmy. They were one of the young couple who were part of the reality show. The WWE circle loves this couple very much and their active social media posts prove that they are perfect match to each other.

#8 Big Cass and Carmella

Big Cass and Carmella

Their cute Instagram pictures from their travel diaries are the first proof of their gorgeous chemistry. The protection and care they give each other will be added among the sweetest diary of love. Carmella and James Ellsworth was put together on smack down, but Cass said that he was never threatened by it as he had complete trust on Carmella. Obviously, the couple must have lots of trust in each other as they spend ample amount of time together apart from their WWE commitments.

#7 Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

In an interview, Enzo stated that it took 28 years of wait to meet someone like his girlfriend Liv Morgan. That is what makes this couple even more special. They possess very similar professional style inside the ring.  They are not ready to make their relationship public; still they make it cute by the way they handle it and keeping their relationship private. WWE universe has welcomed this relationship with both their hands and heart full of happiness. They proved that with love, care and trust combined with protective nature on each other, any couple can overcome hurdles and live a joyful life.

#6 Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss

In 2017, the duo announced that they were engaged after being apart from each other for a long time. This shows the strength they have in their bond. This relationship was eye brow raiser for many people as most of them were unaware that Alexa was in the relationship. The strength in the relationship, their ability to face all emotions of life together fetches them the spot in the table of most loved couples.

#5 Zack Ryder and Emma

They have been separated by the WWE draft, yet they constructed the path to keep their relationship stronger. Zack’s aggression and Emma’s fun loving face matched perfectly to each other giving them the forever love of their life. They had their share of struggles in WWE as they were not given enough opportunities. Both shared the same fate professionally. Yet, the way they love each other pushes them into the top -5 in the table of most love couples.

#4 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

If capturing the hearts of WWE universe was an art, then this couple is surely a Picasso of it. Bryan was forced into giving up wrestling, so brie too decided to be retired along with him. They finally started to live a beautiful family life. Their marriage was days after the Bryan won the WWE championship. They gave birth to their beautiful princess whom they named as Birdie Jo. They are one of most loved couples among the people who follow WWE.

#3 Cody Rhodes and Brandi

They were never a couple on TV, but in real life they were a fantastic couple. This couple has proved that they can fight against each other in the ring and protect each other than anyone else outside the ring. This quality makes them one of the sweetest couples in the WWE.

#2 Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young

Many were against their relationship which even resulted in death threats. But, despite all those threats and peace spoiler activities from WWE universe, they both managed to hold on their fingers together which make them a very cute couple. Fighting hard times together is what makes relationship really stronger. Bitterness all around, but sweetness always existed among them. They are given second spot in ranking of the lovable couples.

#1  Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

They are one of the most disliked couple in history of WWE. Lots of people from WWE advised Paige that she need to break up with Alberto to be successful in her career. Alberto was blamed for all the obstacles that were faced by Paige. Let it be a failure in the ring or her dope test failure twice, it was Alberto who was blamed. Everyone believed that he made a negative impact in the life of Paige. Despite all this accusation, they are still together, that is a notable fact, isn’t it? That means they are fighting together and they are making their relationship work. Yes, we might sound weird to the world, but we would give this couple the top ranking in our table.

Hopefully, you will enjoy seeing these off-screen couple on screen. Looking at these couple we can surely say now that WWE is the most glamorous sport in the world.

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