10 Best Players in NFL

Best Players in NFL

 Best Players in NFL

Best Players in NFL:- NFL or National Football league is an association for American Football players in the United States of America. There is a lot of following for the game in the country and only the best player survives in the field. The game is competitive and provides a lot of entertainment for people to watch from time to time. There are tons and tons of players from different teams, who keep creating new records irrespective of the opponents.

Check out for some of the top 10 best players in NFL, who is worth to follow and inspire by the way they play or played the game. The game is also known as rugby in some countries and the game is all about procuring the ball from the opposition. American Football is one of the deadliest games in the world, which has claimed a lot of people because of various reasons.

The game has a good history and the rules of the game are changing from time to time. The rules are set and organized in order to ensure the safety of the players in an effective way.

Aaron Rodriguez plays at Quarterback

Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez is not playing for any American football league club anymore because he had to leave the game because of a broken collarbone. Most of the players tend to have broken bones and muscles because the game has no rules to follow when you have the ball in your hand. Aaron Rodriguez is one of the best players in the arena, who managed to score a lot of goals during his tenure. Aaron Rodriguez had a collarbone injury, which gave him a break for some time and it took a long time to recover and focus on the game like before. The player holds a record of playing efficiently in a quarterback, which gave him a new title for himself in the position.

Von Miller plays at left back

Von Miller

Von Miller is one of the effective players for Broncos for a long time now. The player gave everything to the game, but still, the team makes it to a satisfactory position by the end of the tournament. The accessories used in the game are an essential aspect to consider because it secures your important parts effectively. Von Miller took care of his body because he plays a vital role for the team in terms of psychological motivation. Von managed to win hears in the previous year by offering excellent performance to the team despite going through a hard time.

Drew Brees plays at quarterback

Drew Brees

Drew Brees has been an exceptional player for Saints for some time now. The player comes out with a bang after a small injury and performed to his career-best figures. As every player requires to be in complete shape, it is necessary to take care of their body in order to proceed in the game for a long span of time. The ageless Drew Brees countered his critics by throwing 4334 yards during the match. At the age of 39, it is evident that the player has a lot of potentials to display and entertain the crowd in an easy way.

Aaron Donald plays at defensive tackle

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is one of the highly popular names in the position of defense. The player has shown a lot of playing abilities by increasing the perfection of the tackle in the last year. It is a known fact that defense is one of the important position in order to avoid consuming goals. Aaron Donald, who plays for Rams justified his position and role by giving an excellent performance card. The 27-year-old has a record of 27 successful tackles for the club, which gave huge applause because of his dedication.

Todd Gurley plays at Right Back

Todd Gurley

Gurley is one of the tough competitors for right back positions in Rams. There are other players, who have a similar amount of potential in playing the games, but the team went with Todd Gurley in most of the matches. The player has justified his pick by playing aggressive right back game in an effective way. It is a known fact that right back is an important position in order to take the game into our control. Gurley completes the requirement by attacking players well in advance to possess the ball in a quick span of time.

Le’veon bell plays at Right back

The player has a huge number of issues in terms of contracts from various clubs for a long time now. Bell is one of the expert player, who is not easily detectable in the right back positions. The Steelers player has gained a huge amount of reputation because of the class he showed during games. It is a known fact that every individual depends on another player in order to win an American Football game. Bell is one of the exceptional player, who was dependable by the entire team to showcase the Team potential.

Julio Jones plays as Wide Receiver

Julio Jones

Julio Jones has an amazing list of records in both receiving and passing the ball in an effective way. It is a known fact that receiver is the backbone of every game because he helps the ball to pass through from one corner to the other corner of the ground. Julio Jones is a well-known name among most of the American football followers because he managed to have more than 80 successful passes under 14000 yards. The record has attracted other teams because it helps every team to win the game in an easy way.

Carson Wentz plays at quarterback

Carson Wentz

The Quarterback is one of the key positions to consider and only a professional will be able to control the game with the help of effective passes from time to time. Carson Wentz had an amazing journey throughout 2017 and 2018 with amazing passes without compromising on perfection. It is a known fact that the player was criticized for having a bad knee injury in the earlier season, which may not keep him fit while playing in the quarterback position. The player proved the critics wrong by playing his part in the Eagles team up the ladder. Wentz went ahead of his own teammate Rodgers, which required for him to prove his capabilities effectively.

Antonio Brown plays as Wide Receiver

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is one of the best versatile players in the entire league. He has managed more than a couple of positions without losing the game control in an effective way. The Steelers player has been performing consistently for his teammates and owners, which gives him an easy room to stay in the team for a long span of time. Brown has contributed more than what was expected fro the team. The player has been showing his potential consistently for the past two years, which gives him a credit of teams success to a certain extent.

Tom Brady plays as quarterback

Tom Brady

One of the most experienced and talented players in the history of American Football game. The versatile player has brought his team an AFC title and continues to play the maximum part of the game alone. It is evident that Patriots has bagged a good deal in having him around the team for a long time now. As the player is constantly proving his capabilities and potential to a large extent, it is evident that he will not be a part of another team in the near future. Brady is old enough to retire in a year or two and Patriots enjoy his final days of performance without affecting the team performance.


American Football has grown to a large extent and finding the best players is difficult in the current player standards. The above list of based on players consistency and performance for the last few years. As there are players with multiple talents, the list is based on the reviews from fans and followers.

The game is evolving to a major extent and the right set of talents helps in increasing the game standard. American football association focus on bringing up players based on their potential and experience. As the game is a young man’s show, it is important to have young people in the team to provide an amazing boost while the game is going on.

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