10 Best Adventure Sports you Must Try before you die

Best Adventure sports you Must try before you die

Best Adventure sports you Must try before you die

Best Adventure Sports : Life itself is an adventure but quite often we forget the same fact by staying stuck in our hefty schedules and busy lifestyles which hardly allows any time for us to even breathe with peace hats where a weekend getaway or a small trip can really brings us closer to all those fantasies which were long awaited in our lives till yet. Having said that, let’s have a look at the best adventure sports that you must try before you die.

  • Ohh Yes!! Its ScubaScuba diving

This sport is a wonder in itself. Scuba diving is an underwater diving in which diver with the help of breathing apparatus explores the best of sea world. One doesn’t really require knowing swimming but it’s a mandate to be familiar with few rules & regulations before you dive. Being a part of underwater life you sail across and witness rare species of marine animals, colorful corals, shipwrecks. Though it would be scary experience too to manage the underwater pressure as well but it would definitely give you an enlightening and lifetime underwater experience to go for.

  • Bungee Jumping!!Bungee Jumping

If you want to get an amazing free fall experience, this is the best thing you should do; you are right people, Its “Bungee Jumping”. An elastic rope is suspended around your body along with a harness and all you need is to jump off a cliff, a high rise building, or a bridge etc. With tons of jump choices available including four different heights ranging from approximately 130 feet to 440 feet, you’ll be able to find your comfort zone and then challenge yourself to another higher jump.. The highest points to do Bungee Jumping are Macau Tower, China- 760 ft and Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA-1053 ft.

  • RaftingRafting

Now this one would give you a thrilling and fun experience if you’re not afraid of getting wet. Well honestly you are guaranteed to get completed drenched but you would get exposed to one most adventurous sport. There are two types of rafting as in low water or high water depending upon the level of adventure you want and season as well. All you need is helmet, life saving jacket and oars. Though there are no best places to do this, it depends on weather, time and availability. The memorable experiences can be had at Rishikesh & Manali in India, Norwegian fjords and islands or the Islands of Sicily.

  • Skydiving, definitely!Skydiving

Skydiving takes a lot of skill that expands far beyond what one might think of skydivers playing around in the sky. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it is as fun as it looks. It may seem pretty intuitive; you launch from a plane, free fall for 60 seconds, pull a parachute and land on the ground, but it gives you a complete moment to live and let go while having a floating experience. Typically skydives are carried out from around 4,000m (or 12,500ft) offering 40 to 50 seconds of freefall time. It is one of the most extreme sports to perform. If you have no past experience or training, you’ll be attached to a member who is Skydiving professionals and the same jump is known as tandem.

  • ParaglidingParagliding

Paragliding is a recreational sports and adventure sports. It is for those who want to fly high and touch the sky. It is a blend of paragliding and skydiving but surely a best way to conquer your fear of heights. It requires no engines, no rigid primary structure and yet can last for many hours and covers kilometers as a norm. One can lift and gain height and often climb to altitudes of a few thousand meters with skilful experience.

  • Rock ClimbingRock Climbing

It’s all about adventure, challenging oneself, perseverance and attaining to reach high points or regions. India as such has a lot of places where in rock climbing gets really exciting and awakens the primal survival instincts in you. It surely requires strength, concentration, fitness and an aware state of mind, but once you reach the point it gives you a sparkling confidence and a completely different vision to look at life. It is advisable to know basics of rock climbing, the coordinated prerequisites of control and rhythm. Climbers also wear safety equipment such as helmets and use ropes, compasses, and first aid kits.

  • SkiingSkiing

This sport has become a world championship event in the world today. This requires learning from balancing your body and judgment along with basics techniques on how to slide over the top of snow, how to stop and take turns. The basic equipment needed for skiing includes the skis, ski boots, ski polls, helmet, gloves, goggles, and good warm ski clothes. This is one of the most chilling and fun experiences I must say!

  • SurfingSurfing

It’s a water sport again in which the rider faces a forward or deep moving wave. Surfing is a mostly enjoyed as a recreational sports and is considered as much an attitude or way of life it is. One must try this fun loving sport once their lifetime to enjoy the waves coming and passing through them which enlighten your inner most joy and peace. You would need a surfboard, a wet suit, and surfboard wax. It is said that the largest wave ever surfed was 70 feet tall! It is very dangerous sport as well as the waves can be powerful and close together. Some common surfing terms include hang ten, tube riding, snap, floater, pump, cutback, regular, goofy.

  • ZorbingZorbing

It is one of the most amazing and heart –throbbing sports that can be experienced and enjoyed at the same time. You would be wrapped tightly in an inflatable ball and would be rolled downhill or on straight land. This is one of the bumpiest rides you would have ever taken. It is sometimes a feeling of hamster running in endless circles. With two different options, wet or dry, on four different tracks, you’ll have plenty of time to lose your balance, fall, get back up and fall again.

  • CanyoningCanyoning

Last but not the least it is a sport of jumping in a fast flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at fast speed. It includes walking, jumping, climbing, swimming and rappelling. One must learn a variety of techniques to have an astonishing and wild experience of the sport. It is a wonderful full body and mind experience that enables one to explore some of the last forbidden places. It would surely bring the wild in you as it is frequently done in remote and rugged settings and often requires navigational, route-finding and other wilderness travel skills.

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