Youngest Players To Win Wimbledon in History: Is it Carlos Alcaraz?

Carlos Alcaraz

There are several players who have won the most prestigious tournament of Tennis, that is Wimbledon. Every player has the dream to play on that grass court at least once. But do you know who is the youngest player of all time, to win Wimbledon? Is it Carlos Alcaraz? To get the answer you must go through the list that is given ahead. 

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Youngest players to win Wimbledon:

Carlos won Wimbledon 2023 only at the age of 20 yesterday. This is truly a magnificent achievement. This is the age when most of the players are still dreaming to play Tennis for the country, but this man went on to win the Wimbledon. This is truly phenomenal. However, there are several others who have gone through the same journey. Their names are given below. 

  • Boris Becker 

Boris Becker was the youngest Tennis player to win Wimbledon at the youngest age. He was only 17 years, 7 months, and 15 days old when he went on to win this tournament. 

  • Bjorn Borg 

The 2nd position is held by Bjorn Borg. He won the Wimbledon title only at the age of 20 years, and 27 days, in the year 1976.  He was truly the master of this game. 

  • Carlos Alcaraz 

On Sunday we saw a new legend of Tennis join this list. That is Carlos Alcaraz, the no. 1 Tennis player in the world. 

Defeating Novak Djokovic to win the final is certainly a big feat. Carlos Alcaraz fought till the end of the match, even after losing the first set he didn’t stop. In the end, he was able to live his dream, by winning Wimbledon 2023 title.