WTC Final 2023: Sunil Gavaskar wants BCCI to question Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid for WTC final loss

WTC Final

India has reached the WTC final two times, and both times India lost the final. That means if India had managed to win those matches, then surely they would have had two WTC trophies. This also raises a concern for the Indian team. They need to understand the reason behind both losses in the final, especially the recent WTC 2023 final. Once they’ll be able to analyze it, only then they are going to work on the weakness. 

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Possible reasons behind the WTC 2023 loss, according to Sunil Gavaskar: 

There are several clear reasons as per the Little Master, why India lost the WTC Final. It is necessary to work on these mistakes, only then the Indian team will be able to rise again in Test Cricket. 

  • Opting to field first 

As per the Legend Sunil Gaskar, India should have opted to bat first. Even though it was mentioned by Rohit Sharma at the time of the toss, that due to overcast he has taken the decision to bowl first. But Sunil Gavaskar thinks that India should have expressed themselves through batting first, to put pressure on the opponent. 

  • Not bowling bouncers to Travis Head 

The Little Master mentions that when the whole Indian team was aware of the weakness of Travis Head. Then why were bouncers bowled so late to him? The moment Travis Head came to bat, Ricky Ponting clearly mentioned in the commentary box, ‘Bounce him, bounce him.’ 

If India had not made the mistakes that are given above, then they had a good chance to win the final. Indian captain Rohit Sharma and Coach Rahul Dravid need to ensure that they work on these mistakes.