Sunil Gavaskar disappointed with Rohit Sharma’s captaincy

Rohit Sharma Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar is certainly one of the greatest batsmen India has ever produced. There is no doubt, that his words are always going to be as valuable as any other Cricket expert. He was the captain of India for a very long time. Due to that experience, he knows the inside out of the captaincy more than anybody else. In the recent loss of the Indian team, in the WTC final, Sunil Gavaskar was disappointed by the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. Not only Sunil Gavaskar, but many Cricket experts were disappointed with Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. 

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Faults in the Captaincy of Rohit Sharma According to Sunil Gavaskar

Rohit Sharma has certainly tried his best. But there is no doubt about the fact, that fans and experts are having a lot more expectations from him. You can see some of the issues with Rohit’s captaincy, which were raised by Sunil Gavaskar. 

  • As per the legend Gavaskar, India shouldn’t have gone for the field first option. Even though the reason for the field first was overcast. However, as per Gavaskar, batting first would have been a much better option. 
  • Not enough bouncers were bowled to Head. Indian team started bowling bouncers to Head after he reached the score of 80. According to the legend, it was too late by then. Even the commentator, Ricky Pointing mentioned in the commentary box, that more bouncers should have been bowled to Head. 

  • Sunil Gavaskar was also disappointed with the preparation of the Indian team. According to him, at least 20 days were needed for the preparation of the WTC final. 
  • The Little Master has blamed the Senior players for the poor performance of the team. It is important for the seniors to perform well, only then the whole team will be able to contribute. 

Once Rohit Sharma will be able to work on the reasons mentioned above. Then there is no doubt, that they’ll be able to win the upcoming overseas test matches.