World Cup 2023: Virat Kohli all set to create a new record in ODI Cricket

World Cup 2023: Virat Kohli all set to create a new record in ODI Cricket

The 2023 World Cup is in full swing, with teams striving to hit their peak form to secure their survival in the tournament. One notable highlight is Virat Kohli’s exceptional performance, as he recently notched up his 48th ODI century in just 273 innings. This remarkable feat has seen him surpass the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, who achieved his 48th ODI century in 465 innings.

Kohli is now setting his sights on breaking Tendulkar’s record in ODI cricket, and he appears determined to do so. However, when it comes to Test cricket, the road ahead is more challenging for him. He has currently scored 29 Test centuries and needs at least 22 more to surpass Tendulkar’s record. This is no small feat, and it won’t come easily.

At the age of 34, Kohli is fully aware of the time constraint. To break Tendulkar’s Test century record, he will need to step up his game significantly. His overall fitness, coupled with his immense dedication to the sport, suggests that he has the potential to continue playing at the highest level for another 5-6 years. This extended playing career could be instrumental in making a significant impact on the national squad.

Kohli’s passion for the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence have been evident throughout his career. As he strives to break Tendulkar’s records in both ODI and Test cricket, his determination and hard work will be closely watched by fans and cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

The journey towards breaking records is never easy, and it requires consistent effort and performance. Kohli, being one of the modern greats of the game, is well aware of the challenges he faces. He understands that he must continue to evolve as a cricketer and adapt to the changing demands of the sport. With the World Cup 2023 underway, Kohli’s achievements and his pursuit of greatness in international cricket are captivating narratives for cricket aficionados and fans alike.

He also became the fourth fastest batsman in International Cricket to score more than 26,000 runs trailing behind Sangakkara, Pointing and Tendulkar.