Women’s Super League called-off due to Coronavirus

Women’s Super League called-off due to Coronavirus

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world is going through a tough time as some leagues like Bundesliga has resumed under locked doors but fans must be eagerly waiting for the situation to get normal so that they can witness matches from the stadium.

There is bad news for Women’s football and their fans as Women’s super league and Women’s Championship seasons have been officially terminated for 2019-20 season. As no WSL games have been played since February 23rd due to coronavirus pandemic which was preceded by an international break in early March.

The teams voted to terminate the season as there was no spinning broadcast deal underpinning the leagues and also there is no additional pressure from television companies to finish the season.

A statement was issued on the FA website which states “Following overwhelming feedback from the clubs, the decision to bring an end to the 2019-20 season was made in the best interest of the women’s game. This will also enable clubs, the FA Women’s Super League & Women’s Championship Board and the FA to plan, prepare and focus on next season when football returns for the 2020-21 campaign”

As the statement further explored as “Following a full and thorough consultation with the clubs, the FA Women’s Super League & Women’s Championship Board has discussed various recommendations which will be sent to the FA Board to determine the most appropriate sporting outcome for the 2019-20 season. This will include identifying the entries for the 2020-21 UEFA Women’s Champions League, which would be based on sporting merit from the 2019-20 Barclays FA Women’s Super League season.”

There will be a meeting that will be conducted on Wednesday to decide the tables with the options to completely null or void the season. In both the scenarios Arsenal will finish 3rd preceded by Manchester City and Chelsea outside of Champions League qualifying places.