Why Praggnanandhaa is extremely successful as Chess Player?

Why Praggnanandhaa is extremely successful as Chess Player?

Embracing Pressure and Challenges:

At the recently concluded World Cup, R Praggnanandhaa left an indelible mark in the world of chess, finishing as the runner-up against none other than the reigning world champion, Magnus Carlsen. This young chess sensation has been widely hailed as the future superstar of the chess world, and his performance in the World Cup drew immense praise, especially in his home country, India.

When asked about his preparation and what has propelled him to success at such a tender age, Praggnanandhaa offered valuable insights into his mindset. He expressed his ability to thrive under pressure and his eagerness to embrace new challenges. Looking ahead, he acknowledged that the spotlight would remain firmly on him, but he remains confident in his capacity to adapt to different situations effectively.

Elevating Indian Chess: A Collective Ascent

In addition to his own achievements, Praggnanandhaa highlighted the remarkable progress of his fellow Indian chess prodigies. He mentioned players like D Gukesh, Arjun Ergasi, and Nihal, all of whom are on the cusp of reaching the coveted 2700 ELO rating. According to Praggnanandhaa, this upward trajectory in rankings is set to continue, signifying a promising era for Indian chess.

Strategic Mastery and Self-Improvement

Praggnanandhaa emphasized a critical aspect of his success—the ability to strategically position himself during the decisive phases of the game. Furthermore, he acknowledged that, like any player, he has identified areas in his game that require refinement. These are aspects he intends to address diligently and promptly to further elevate his performance on the chessboard.

Learning from the Best: Magnus Carlsen:

One unique aspect of Praggnanandhaa’s journey is his opportunity to learn from the very best. He has had the privilege of sharing a team with Magnus Carlsen, a chess legend who has dominated the game for the past decade. Praggnanandhaa spoke of the invaluable lessons he has gleaned from Carlsen’s experiences and insights. Carlsen’s unwavering commitment to self-development and mastery of the game has served as a powerful source of inspiration for the young prodigy.

In conclusion, R Praggnanandhaa’s ascent in the world of chess, along with his fellow Indian talents, promises a bright future for the sport in India. His ability to handle pressure, embrace challenges, and continuously seek self-improvement underscores the qualities that define a true chess champion in the making. With guidance from the likes of Magnus Carlsen, the young prodigy is on an exciting journey to reach even greater heights in the world of chess.