“We won’t accept any changes in Asia Cup due to IPL”: PCB CEO

Ehsan Mani and Sourav Ganguly

IPL (Indian Premier League) being the most successful and cash-rich league in the world. It is one such event where players from all the countries want to play as the standard of cricket is very high and the jam-packed crowd who comes to every match to cheer there favourite teams generate huge thrill and excitement.

Not just fans are missing this year’s IPL due to COVID 19 but also the players are missing the contest.

There have been wide speculations that IPL 2020 will be rescheduled during Asia Cup 2020 to which PCB president Ehsan Mani criticized as he said that If IPL happens during that window it will be a huge loss to Asian Member playing nations.

However, the new statement has emerged from PCB Ceo Wasim Khan where he said, “PCB is hoping to hold the Asia Cup T20 tournament in the UAE as scheduled in September unless there are issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“Our stance is clear, the Asia Cup is set for September and the only reason it should not take place is continued health safety issues. We will not accept that the Asia Cup is moved to accommodate the IPL,” Khan said on GTV News Channel.

“I have heard that there is talk to move the Asia Cup to November-December but for us, that is not possible. If you move the Asia Cup you are making way for one member nation and that is not right and it will not have our support,” he added. 

As he factually backed his statement by stating that “Pakistan team will host Zimbabwe and then tour New Zealand in November-December window so hosting Asia Cup in this time frame is not possible”.

Khan also said that the BCCI representative did not raise the IPL window issue at Thursday’s ICC Chief Executives virtual meeting where he represented the PCB.

“The T20 World Cup might be played behind closed doors because if we don’t play T20 World Cup each board potentially stands to lose between 15 and 20 million dollars,” said the PCB official.

IPL 2020 has been the talk of an hour as all speculations are making rounds where multiple reports like IPL will happen in place of the T20 World Cup and T20 World will be postponed for the next year. The actual decision whether IPL is gonna happen this year will be decided post lockdown after 3rd May as the meeting will be conducted after 3rd May via Video Conferencing.