“We should give preference to domestic cricket over global events”: Ravi Shastri


Ravi Shastri

Indian Cricket team coach Ravi Shastri who is known for his blunt opinion and especially the shift he has taken from commentator to coach of Indian cricket team he does not shy away to give back to haters through harsh words when it comes to backing his own players.

As it is very evident that global sports have not seen such a worst time than this as this is the third occasion where there is no match going on from a long time barring the first two which is first and second world war tenure where all the sporting activity was brought to a halt for four years and six years respectively.

As sports not only excites players as well as fans who witness the matches on the ground or from television it adds emotions, sparked celebrations, triggered sorrow, and get people delighted and dejected in equal measure.

As it seems that everything has taken a back seat now as every sporting body is waiting for this pandemic to last and that’s when all the sporting activities will resume.

However Ravi Shastri says “the last two months, and a couple of more going forward perhaps will count as the most horrible phase in the life of sportsperson in close to seven to eight decades. Something like this is unimaginable”.

As coach of the Indian team “The only consolation perhaps” he says “Is that cricketers or sportspersons, in general, are not only ones who have been left shattered by what’s happening. The world, in general, is suffering, waiting for normalcy to resume”.

Shastri went on to add that “I would not go and give emphasis on the world events now. Stay at Home, ensure domestic cricket comes back to normal, cricketers at all levels –International, First Class, etc. All get back to the field. That’s the most important bit. We need to start with Bilateral series first if we(India) and a bilateral tour we would settle for the bilateral, Instead of 15 teams participating in it and we will settle for one team flying in and playing an entire bilateral series at one or two grounds.”