“We are under no under no pressure over Pardeep Narwal”: Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Singh Narwal

The major highlight of the match between Dabang Delhi and U Mumba was the High 5 from Captain Joginder Narwal and in-form Ravinder Pahal and above all Naveen performance, who scored eight successive Super 10 taking Dabang Delhi towards victory 40-24 over U Mumba at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi on Wednesday.

But the biggest controversy of the match was the raid by Naveen, which was questioned by Fazel Atrachali in the press conference.

In the post-match press conference, Dabang Delhi K.C. coach Krishan Kumar Hooda, captain Joginder Singh Narwal and raider Naveen Kumar took questions for their team while U Mumba was represented by skipper Fazel Atrachali and assistant coach Upendra Singh.

Question: Dabang Delhi has set a new record of winning 3 consecutive matches at home leg-breaking U Mumba record of 2. What do you have to say about the win and upcoming matches?

Krishan Kumar Hooda – All the credit goes to the team. The offence and defense department of the team are doing really well, this is the reason we are winning so many matches.

Question: Delhi was 4-0 behind, but after that Delhi made a grand come back. Was there a change in strategy?

Joginder Singh Narwal – The results are not decided at the beginning of the match, the results are determined at the last few minutes. Yes, we had a strategy and this is the reason we are winning the matches consistently.

Question: Naveen in the match you scored your eighth super 8 of the season equaling Pardeep Narwal. What do you have to say?

Naveen – It feels great, but we are at the mid of the season and we have to keep playing our best and will perform for the team.

Question: Joginder, the defense department has been exceptional, you also scored a high 5 in the match? what do you have to say about your performance?

Joginder – All I will say is that Kabaddi is a team game and we played as a unit and enjoyed each other success. If we don’t play as a unit, we shall fail, this is the mantra of our success. Individual performance can’t win you the games.

Question: Naveen your performance is improving with each game? What did you change in your approach?

Naveen – It is because I am being supported by my team, the encourage me all the time and will look to perform the same way in the upcoming matches.

Question: Ravinder Pahal has also improved big time, he has also scored 8 points in the match. What different did he do?

Krishan Kumar Hooda – You can’t judge the player in 3 or 4 matches. The defense and offence are doing really great. Every player is playing for the team and this is the reason we are winning the matches consistently.

Question: What is your preparation for the upcoming match against Patna Pirates?

Naveen – Patna is a good team, we will train hard and follow the instructions and perform to our best.

Question: Your game plan for Pardeep Narwal?

Joginder – We will strategize and execute our plans on the ground. We are under no pressure for Pardeep Narwal. We have a good track record against them and this time around also we shall play our best kabaddi against them.

I have never taken any pressure in my life.

Question: It’s about the review controversy, Fazel atrachali called the review wrong, what do you have to say on that?

Krishan Kumar Hooda – You should not ask these questions to us. This is the official’s decision, and I guess they know their job, the best. They looked at multiple replays before deciding on the point.

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