Watch: When a stump mic robbed India of a run-out chance

mag lennings run out

meg lanningsThe use of technology in cricket has resulted in a bewildering moment during a women’s T20 international cricket game. The Tri-series final between Australia and India had held at Melbourne’s Oval Junction on Wednesday saw the latter miss a run-out because of the stump microphone.

Australian captain Meg Lanning was running between the wickets when India’s Shikha Pandey grabbed the ball and aimed towards the bowler’s end. Her aim was precise, but the ball was barred from hitting the stumps by a loose microphone set on the wicket.

According to television replays, Lanning would have clearly been out had the microphone not been in the way. Her run-out would have sent her back to the pavilion at 20 runs, leaving Australia at 98/3 in 13.1 overs.shikha-pandey

A visibly reassured Lanning quickly regained her stead and completed her run by reaching the crease. The moment left commentators bewildered and at a loss for words. Channel Seven commentator Brad Hodge said,

“It actually deviates to the right.” “That is hitting the sumps, then oh dear, what has happened there. That shouldn’t happen on the cricket field.”

Fellow commentator Elyse Villani questioned whether Lanning should have taken the extra run, saying,

“That is where the spirit of cricket comes in as well because you know that when someone has a shot at the stumps and it hits any part of the batter the batter generally doesn’t run again.”

“Technically you can but with the spirit of cricket you generally don’t.”

Spectators of the game sided with Villani, as they believed that Lanning should not have remained on the crease. A viewer wrote, “She should have walked.”

Lanning scored 6 more runs before being dismissed in the next over, allowing Australia to score 156 runs after they won the toss and elected to bat.

Australia hopes to retain its number 1 ranking during the T20 World Cup, which commences in Sydney next week.