WATCH: Murthal Magnets vs Periyar Panthers Finals Full highlights | Top performers of the match | Yuva Kabaddi Series 2022


Yuva Kabaddi Series 2022: Murthal Magnets vs Periyar Panthers Finals

Murthal Magnets

Murthal Magnets vs Periyar Panthers Match Summary: In the final game of the Yuva Kabaddi series, Murthal Magnets defeated the Periyar Panthers in a closely contested game. Murthal Magnets have lifted the trophy as Periyar Panthers failed to carry the form that they possessed throughout the games.

Periyar Panthers started the game on the right foot with the first point, but Murthal Magnets pegged back with 7-5 by the 10th minute. As the game progressed, both teams went head-to-head to gain the point. At halftime, Murthal Magnets led the game by 22-14.

Murthal Magnets vs Periyar Panthers Finals Highlights

In the second half, Periyar Panthers staged a comeback with 13 minutes to play. With nine minutes to go in the game, the score was level.

Murthal Magnets could not break the shackles nor Periyar Panthers. In the final minutes of the game, Murthal Magnets staged a comeback to take home the win.

Top Performers of the Match

Ashish Narwal’s all effort went in vain as his 25 points could not suffice for the win. He was the only player who had scored in two digits for his team. And on the other hand, for Murthal Magnets, Vinay Virender and Ashu Malik made an all-around contribution to the side.

Vinay Virender had 11 points to his name whereas 20 points in the whole game. Other players averaged 1.5 points in the final game of the Yuva Kabaddi campaign.

Yuva kabaddi series Final: Top 5 raiders of the Match

Player Team  Total Raids Successful Raids Unsuccessful Raids Raid Touch Points Raid Bonus Points Total Raid Points
Ashish Narwal Periyar Panthers 26 25 1 25 0 25
Ashu Malik Murthal Magnets  20 16 4 17 3 20
Vinay Virender Murthal Magnets 11 9 2 9 1 10
Umesh Pawar Murthal Magnets 6 3 3 3 2 5
Ravi Tehlan Periyar Panthers 1 0 1 0 1 1

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