Virat Kohli Masterclass vs New Zealand Breaks Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe FIFA World Cup Final Record

Virat Kohli, Lionel Messi, World Cup 2023

In the beautiful backdrop of Dharamsala, the world witnessed a cricketing spectacle like no other. Virat Kohli once again showed his masterclass in the India vs New Zealand match during the 21st match of the World Cup 2023. The sheer brilliance of Virat Kohli’s performance not only propelled India to victory but also etched his name in history as the catalyst for the most-watched online sports event worldwide.

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Virat Kohli’s innings in Dharamsala achieved what few could have imagined- an unprecedented record-breaking viewership that transcended borders. The world collectively turned its gaze towards the cricketing wizardry on display, making it the most-watched online sports event on the planet.

Virat Kohli Triumphs Disney+ Hotstar

The platform that reaped the benefits of this historic encounter was Disney+Hotstar, which recorded a staggering 4.3 crore (43 million) concurrent views during the match. This remarkable feat catapulted Disney+Hotstar to claim the title of the platform with the highest concurrent views in the world. The achievement left spectators and enthusiasts astounded, showcasing the massive global appeal of the sport and the star power of Virat Kohli.

The record-breaking performance prompted Disney+Hotstar to ponder, “Deja woohoo! Another record-breaking performance by all of us! Time for a hat-trick?” The question resonated with cricket fans who eagerly anticipate the magic and drama that each game of the World Cup 2023 unfolds.

Kohli Breaks FIFA World Cup Final Record Viewership in India

Not only did Virat Kohli’s innings set global records, but it also shattered the previous record for the most concurrent viewership in India. The FIFA World Cup final of 2022, featuring Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Kylian Mbappe (France), garnered 3.2 crore (32 million) viewers in India via the JioCinema app. Messi’s Argentina clinched the World Cup, marking their first victory since 1986, in a thrilling penalty shootout.

Virat Kohli’s crucial knock in the match against New Zealand demonstrated his remarkable ability to anchor an inning under immense pressure. While he fell just short of a well-deserved century, his innings had a profound impact on securing India’s fifth win in the tournament. Kohli’s determination and skill were evident as he carried the team forward, especially when the top order had departed.

The clash in Dharamsala will forever be remembered as a cricketing extravaganza that rewrote records and showcased the undeniable allure of the sport, all spearheaded by the indomitable Virat Kohli. The World Cup’s magic continues to unfold, and cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await more moments of brilliance as the tournament progresses.