Valorant Mobile Game Launch: When we will get to witness this popular esport in the market?

The origin of the Valorant Mobile game is the subject of intense speculative in the Indian esports industry.Let’s discuss all possible updates related to Valorant Mobile Game in detail:

1. Riot, the game’s creators, hasn’t yet announced an official timetable for the debut of this popular game’s mobile edition.

2.  Based on latest tweet shared by, Valorant Leaks and Updates where they constantly share latest news in reference to the game of Valorant as they wrote on their official Twitter platform “Tons of Valorant Mobile files have been added into the latest PBE batch. Beta is expected to make comeback in the coming months”.


3.  Despite all the speculation, Global release date of this game’s popular version is yet to be announced.

4. The same question regarding the development of this game was asked to Anna Donlon(Studio Head for Valorant) who said while talking to Popline ” development of mobile game has taken as it is extremely challenging but we expected that to be completed but it has taken longer duration”. 

5. Fans are expecting Mobile Version of this game from 2022 onward, but still no update as such has taken place.

6. Based on reports from different media outlets, it is taking much more time then anticipated as the developers are trying to built another game instead of cashing the old PC game. In order to make new game every aspect of the game needs new modifications.

7. There is a report from different media sources about characters,players and interface of the game will remain the same only difference will be in match timings.

8. Currently every Valorant Game is played between 30 to 45 minutes on PC and the mobile version of the game will be much shorter.

9. There have been quite a few leaks of mobile version in the past so the developers wants to keep it secure this time around.

10. Valorant is touted as one of the most popular game in the world so the mobile version of the game which is yet to be launched once come in the market will be a successful entity.