Valorant India Invitational India Day 2 Match 2 Bleed Esports maintain 100% win record as they defeated BOOM Esports by 13-9

Valorant India Invitational Beled Esports Vs. BOOM Esports

Following BOOM Esports’ loss against Paper Rex in the previous match of Valorant India Invitational Day 2, they were up against Bleed Esports, who defeated Paper Rex during day 1’s last match. Both the teams would look to win this match and solidify their chances of reaching the semi-finals.

The first two rounds of this match went in favor of BOOM Esports but the third round saw Bleed Esports open their account to make it 2:1. Both the teams came on level terms after Bleed defensively choked BOOM to make the score line 2:2.

Daryeon and Scary guy were the last two men standing from Bleed and BOOM in the 5th round but the former gunned the latter down to take the lead by 3:2. The teams are looking equal in terms of skills and strategies but Bleed took the first Flawless performance of the match to make it 3:3.

The following round saw Bleed taking the lead yet again to make it 4:3. Bleed Vs, BOOM will go down as one of the most competitive and exciting fixture as the game has been neck to neck. In the next round BOOM equalized and made it 4:4.

Bleed were committed to maintain their form and they kept their composure made it 5:4. BOOM lost the following round as well due to their miscommunication as the score line is favoring Bleed by 6:4. However, after a break by BOOM they cut the gap down by a point and made it 6:5.

The 12th round saw Juicy from Bleed remain the last man standing in front of BOOM’s 4 players and the score line is again on level terms – 6:6. BOOM’s Berserx has been the best player for the team with 11 kills until now while Bleed’s Crazyguy has 12 kills and are their best player till now.

This match is being evenly contested as both the teams are not ready to settle down with a loss. In the 13th round Bleed took the lead by 7:6 and the following round too remained in their favor. Its 8:6.

BOOM Esports Vs. Bleed Esports Match stats
BOOM Esports Vs. Bleed Esports Match stats

Meanwhile the next round saw Bleed perform a Clutch round win and they are now just 4 points away from a second win on the trot. BOOM made the score line 9:7 after an impressive thrift round win. Bleed took a timeout after crashing out in the next round and BOOM’s confidence seems to be rising as the score line is now 9:8.

Bleed now very close to bag another win in the Valorant India Invitational as they have took the score line to 10:8. Bleed are really making their opponents bleed and after a terrible mistake by one of the BOOM player they increased the lead by 11:8. Just WOW, another amazing display of skills and grit as they are just a round win away from winning the match.

BOOM took the final tactical break to maybe script an unthinkable comeback. It worked for them it is 12:9 and they cannot afford to lose this match at all. The match got really close but what a victory by Bleed Esports. It ended in 13-9 and this win will do wonders to their confidence in the later stages of the tournament.

They have maintained a 100% percent record in Valorant India Invitational till now and another victory will take them to the Semis. Stay tuned for the next matches.