Uzbek Athlete Aims for Esports Exchanges with China

Uzbek esports athlete, Sabina Ibragimova, looks forward to the Hangzhou Asian Games and hopes for esports connections with China. Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country, is actively taking steps to enhance the growth of the esports industry.

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Ibragimova, an experienced esports player, previously competed professionally in PUBG: Battlegrounds for almost four years. With support from the Uzbekistan Esports Association, she and her teammates formed the KANIBADAM Girls team and participated in the PUBG Mobile European Wonder League Season 2.

Despite transitioning to the Asian version of the Arena of Valor, one of the seven esports games featured in the Asian Games, Ibragimova remains confident in her team’s abilities.

“Our team’s strength lies in our unity and the extensive time we dedicate to training and analyzing our matches. We have put in a lot of effort, and I believe we can secure first place in our region,” she stated.

Ibragimova is among the chosen participants who will compete in the esports competitions at the upcoming Asian Games, scheduled to take place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in September-October.

The inclusion of esports as official medal sports events in the Hangzhou Asian Games marks a significant milestone, highlighting the rising popularity and global impact of esports in the sporting landscape.

China has witnessed remarkable growth in the esports industry in recent years.In 2016, China’s Ministry of Education designated eSports management as a major in universities, fostering the development of esports programs to cultivate talent. In 2021, China’s Edward Gaming (EDG) team secured their first League of Legends World Championship title, defeating South Korea’s DK team, which further fueled the domestic market’s enthusiasm.

Uzbek President recognizes esports as a separate sport through a November 2022 decree. The decree promotes industry growth and supports training for professional esports athletes, coaches, and specialists.