Scout Character Coming to Raider Six Mobile

scout new character raider six mobile

Raider Six Mobile, an Indian battle royale game, is set to add a new character based on popular Indian gamer Tanmay “Scout” Singh. The character, simply named Scout, will be available in the game’s next update.

Scout is a popular figure in the Indian gaming community, with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube. He is known for his skill in games like BGMI and Free Fire, and his entertaining commentary.

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The addition of Scout to Raider Six Mobile is a significant move for the game. Scout is one of the most popular gamers in India, and his inclusion is sure to attract new players to the game.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh can be a playable character in the Indian battle royale game Raider Six Mobile. On July 4, 2023, Raider Six Mobile is made available. The plot of the game revolves around a unique element called Element U because without it, the world will run out in 2048. It is the raiders’ responsibility to steal Element U from Area 6 because their success depends on it.

Tanmay is the name of the game’s Scout character, according to sources. Tanmay’s identity is based on a man from Ahmedabad whose father operated a cargo jet that crashed and disappeared during a secret mission in Area 6. Tanmay lost his financial support and became a homeless person. He was adopted by neighborhood gangs and given combat training. Tanmay is eager to go to Area 6 in an effort to learn the truth behind the demise of his dad.

According to sources, the characters of S8UL creators Payal and Binks could be Zoya and Khalid.

Zoya and Khalid are characters from Mumbai, and Zoya is a girl who grew up in Mumbai as a daughter of a politician. But destiny intervened when she came into contact with a radioactive virus, which modified her genetic structure, slowing her physical growth and trapping her in the body of a perpetually young girl.

Khalid is a fitness enthusiast from Mumbai who became the brains behind Bandra’s most popular gym, where he helped several Bollywood actors achieve their perfect body. He is weak as a result of his exposure to radiation during the Holocaust, and he must always wear a bodysuit to survive the war.