US President Donald Trump in talks with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Mark Cuban for season restart

trump and adam silver

United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he has included NBA in the list of 120 companies that he would like to engage with the aim of reopening of the country’s economy. 

trump and adam silver

President Trump said this in a Press Conference when asked about when and how to bring the nation back. He said that he is in talks with the NBA commissioner Adam Silver and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for reopening the American economy. 

NBA generates a huge amount of revenue from its single-season, most of which comes from the post-season matches. The amount of revenue the NBA generates also contributes to the US economy significantly. 

Silver was a part of the recent teleconference meeting involving the US President and the sports commissioners as the president expressed his desire for the season to return as it would help in starting the economy, but also said that he would also need an “All clear” sign from public health officials. 

The league is constantly in talks with the health experts and waiting for their further instructions for being able to take a call on the season’s fate. 

Trump also said that he would also speak to the NFL team owners such as Robert Kraft (Patriots) and Jerry Jones (Cowboys), who cast support to the President publicly. 

Individual leagues are also continuously evaluating the situation and looking for the options to resume the season in some fashion. In fact, some leagues have already started drafting plans of conducting the league in isolation with no spectators around. 

Trump’s announcement of starting the season very soon comes after the California Governor Gavin Newsom said it’s “unlikely” fans will be allowed to attend the sporting events in the state this summer.