NBA: Most of the teams in favor of postponing the Players’ draft

NBA: Most of the teams in favor of postponing the Players' draft

Since the season suspension, the NBA, as well as the teams, are incurring huge losses due to the coronavirus this year. While the players have been cleared their April paychecks, there has been new speculation among the NBA fans. Apparently, the NBA teams are urging the league officials to postpone the players’ draft until August which was initially scheduled on June 25.

The NBA had called off the season for the time being due to the coronavirus and Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA had also hinted that the league shall resume in 30 days or so but then the situation started getting worse in the entire United States. 

earlier this week, the league had also decided to not make any decisions regarding the current season until at least May 1. 

And as per the reports, top executives of the NBA want to postpone the draft as it would increase the chances of preserving certain aspects of the pre-draft procedure including in-person workouts, interviews, and medical evaluations. And the lockdown would not make in-person meetings impossible for the time being. 

The NBA had previously issued guidelines to the teams regarding the pre-draft process, prohibiting the clubs from watching live video workouts or from conducting more than four total hours of virtual meetings – including up to two in a single week – with a single prospect.

And as per Adrian Wojnarowski and Jonathan Givony of the ESPN, a tentative draft-date change from June 25 to August 1 could give the NBA additional flexibility as it gets more clarity in the coming months.

Team officials associated with the league also hope that the draft and the free agency should “stay connected” until the things get back to the normal.