Ultimate Battle Introduces Social Networking for Gamers  


Bringing together the gaming community under one umbrella, Ultimate Battle is moving forward to provide a one-of-a-kind social module designed for Gamers


New Delhi, January 20, 2022: Ultimate Battle India’s first-ever one-stop online esports platform has now incorporated innovative Social Networking features for gamers on their platforms to let gamers interact, engage, create and share content exclusively.

This newly added social networking module provides gamers with a unique set of features to enable gamers not only to play games but also to socialize with other gamers. Ultimate Battle now provides gamers with the ability to share gaming content, create personalized gaming profiles, and follow gaming celebrities. Players will also be able to build their community, gain a follower base, and showcase their achievements.

Features of the social networking module:


  1. Gamer Profile
  2. Gamer’s performance recording and tracking
  3. Ability to find and create gaming teams
  4. Find like-minded gamers and make friends
  5. Post content (text, images, gaming clips, and more)
  6. Follow a player/team and get their recent updates
  7. Comment, like, and share posts


Our aim is to not only bring together the huge esports community under one single umbrella but allow the diverse community to exchange their knowledge, expert tips, experiences and also identify the right target group to connect and help the gamers grow. Every esports athlete, organizer, team, talent management institution are invited to join the platform and build an Ultimate Universe without any external support,” said Mr. Tarun Gupta, Founder, Ultimate Battle.

The module is loaded with a slew of innovative features including one-tap access to their profile pages and detailed game stats of games played, won, or lost on the Ultimate Battle platform. The content sharing feature is currently available for legacy users only and full rollout will be done post-beta phase.

Download App: https://www.ultimatebattle.in/

About Ultimate Battle:

 Ultimate Battle, founded in 2017 is owned and operated by Ultimate Battle Pvt Ltd. Ultimate Battle is India’s first-ever one-stop online esports platform for players to connect, interact and compete for esports titles for fun and rewards. The company is focused to design, develop, and deliver unparalleled competitive gaming experiences for gamers, the esports community, and millions of esports fans around the world via esports tournaments and industry-leading content production.

Besides its all-in-one Esports platform, Ultimate Battle serves the Esports community with a dedicated gaming news content module and an E-commerce portal. The ecosystem helps in provisioning a 360-degree platform for gaming enthusiasts to get real time access to Esports news and latest esports trends.

Source: Its a press release article

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