Twitter Erupts Over Aakash Chopra, Venkatesh Prasad’s Inclusion In WPL Commentary Panel

Twitter Erupts Over Aakash Chopra, Venkatesh Prasad's Inclusion In WPL Commentary Panel

For a while now, the online argument between the two former cricketers Venkatesh Prasad and Aakash Chopra has dominated news stories. Due to KL Rahul’s poor performance, Prasad was quite outspoken in favour of his withdrawal from the Indian cricket team’s Test squad; however, Chopra had a somewhat different stance and even asked his fellow countryman to a real-life debate, emphasising the potential for misunderstandings on social media.

Now, the fans were happy to see both of them on the Women Premier League (WPL) commentary panel, even though the argument never actually took place. Twitter is already buzzing about a potential future verbal battle between them. The idea delighted users of the social media, and within a few days, memes about it were all over the internet.

While Akash Chopra will be the part of hindi team, whereas Venkatesh will do commentary in Kannada. Therefore fans are excited to watch both of them in the same panel, they shared various posts and memes regarding this in which one fan wrote multiverse of madness to watch both in same panel.

Today marks the official start of the long-awaited Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2023, which will feature an exciting opening match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans at the DY Patil stadium.

For a very long time, female cricket players had to watch the men’s triumph in the IPL; now it’s their turn. They have the opportunity to seize the spotlight and shine as brightly as they’ve always wanted thanks to the WPL. It’s been a long journey to get here.