Transforming Gaming into Careers: The Growing Viability of Esports for Aspiring Professionals in India


The esports industry in India has seen impressive growth in recent years, transforming gaming from a hobby into a promising career choice. The landscape of Indian esports is evolving, providing new opportunities and showcasing the potential for professional success in the field. From the rise of influential gaming creators to the establishment of esports leagues, the emergence of Indian esports companies, and the remarkable financial growth, esports has proven itself as a viable option for Indian gamers.

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The Rise of Esports in India

The popularity of mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire in India played a crucial role in the growth of the esports industry. The widespread availability of smartphones and improved internet connectivity allowed gaming to reach a larger audience, fueling the rise of esports in the country.

Esports Leagues: A Platform for Growth

To support the esports ecosystem in India, various leagues were introduced, such as PUBG Mobile Club Open, PUBG Mobile India Series, and Free Fire India Championship. These leagues provided Indian gamers with opportunities to showcase their skills and compete professionally, solidifying esports as a legitimate career choice.

Financial Success and Revenue Growth

Popular games like BGMI and Free Fire have generated substantial revenue in India. In a short period, BGMI generated around $32 million in revenue, and Free Fire generated $93 million in the first quarter of 2021 in India alone. The increasing revenue and financial success of esports have made it a viable career option for gamers.

Increased Prize Pools and Salaries

Esports tournaments in India have witnessed a significant increase in prize pools, attracting skilled players. Professional esports players can earn monthly salaries ranging from approximately $1,400 to $7,000, depending on their skills, experience, and team affiliations. The BGMI Pro League, for example, offers a prize pool of approximately $200,000. These substantial prize pools and salaries showcase the financial growth and sustainability of esports in India.

Government Recognition and Support

The Indian government has recognized esports as a legitimate industry, providing infrastructure support and opening doors for government-organized tournaments and scholarships for deserving players. This recognition further contributes to the growth and viability of esports as a career option.

Fan Engagement and Streaming Platforms

Fan engagement companies and streaming platforms have played a crucial role in the growth of esports in India. These companies offer interactive features and streaming platforms that allow fans to engage with their favorite esports players and teams. Streaming platforms bring esports content directly to fans’ screens, enabling them to watch live matches and interact with the gaming community.

The esports industry in India is flourishing, driven by factors such as government recognition, increased prize pools, attractive salaries, and the involvement of fan engagement companies and streaming platforms. These developments have made esports a viable career choice for aspiring professionals, offering opportunities for success and growth in the gaming industry.