Toronto Raptors beat Houston Rockets 94-83 in scrimmage ahead of season resumption



Toronto Raptors won their first scrimmage by beating the Houston Rockets 94-83 on their return to the court after almost four months. The Raptors were led by the inform Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam as they managed to defeat the Rockets comprising of the duo James Harden and Russell Westbrook. 

It was to everyone’s surprise when Russell Westbrook who had left the NBA bubble starting for the Rockets in Orlando, but even that didn’t help Rockets win their scrimmage.  

Serge Ibaka scored 18 points while Pascal Siakam scored 13 points including five rebounds to lead the defending champions to a win after 138 days. Their last win came against the Utah Jazz two days before the NBA season was suspended. Toronto Raptors had already qualified for the playoffs after going on the second place in the Eastern Conference and the win means they still have the same enthusiasm to excel in the remaining season. 

From the Rockets side, James Harden scored 24 points, including 10 assists, while Russell Westbrook returned with 10 points and 9 rebounds. 

During the match, Rockets did make a comeback as they started off the fourth quarter with 75-74 points, leading by one point but a three-pointer from A Powell helped the defending champions go past the Rockets and subsequently win the match. 

Raptors were amazing on the night as the bench scored 41 points of the match out of those 94 points. Raptors now face Trail Blazers on July 26 and Phoenix Suns on July 28 respectively in its next scrimmage rounds. While Houston Rockets will face Memphis Grizzlies on July 26 and Boston Celtics on July 28 ahead of the season restart.