Top 5 closest encounters between RR vs SRH in IPL History

srh vs rr

Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad are the two major franchises that have been a part of the cash-rich league for a long time. However, Rajasthan Royals is leading the points table with the number 1 spot in this season of the Indian Premier League by winning 4 four matches out of 5. Whereas Sunrisers are locomoting at the bottom. Both franchises have had the best players and therefore provided fans with a super level of entertainment when they go head-to-head. There have been close encounters between both. Some are mentioned below.

1. SRH vs RR, 2014

In the fourth match of the 2014 season of the Indian Premier League, Sunrisers batted first and scored an average total of 133. The total was thought to be easily chased by RR but Hyderabad bowlers kept them restricted till the last over of the match. Although RR won the match in the last over of the game at the loss of 6 wickets.

2. SRH vs RR, 2015

Despite having a minimal target of 127 to chase, RR batsmen struggled till the last over of the match to get the team to win. SRH batted first and scored below average. However, the bowlers of SRH did the trick and took the match to the end. The match was won by RR by 6 wickets.

3.  SRH vs RR, 2018

In the 28th match of the 2018 season of the IPL, SRH batsmen took the team to a score of 151 with Kane Williamson scoring the most 63 runs. The target got defended by the Sunrisers as the bowlers did the magic. They restricted RR to the score of 140 and got their team to win by 11 runs.

4. SRH vs RR, 2020

Rajasthan chased down the target of 158 given by Hyderabad on the fifth ball of the last over. SRH batted first and posted 158 runs to be chased by RR. However, with wonderful bowling, SRH bowlers made it hard for RR to chase and took the match to the 20th over. However, RR won the match with one delivery remaining.

5. SRH vs RR, 2021

Sunrisers led to a successful chase down the target of 164 given by RR in the 40th match of the 2021 season of the league. RR batsmen guided their team to a score of 164 which was chased down by SRH in the 19th over of the match.