Three T20 records held by Suresh Raina that Tilak Varma could potentially surpass

Suresh Raina

Emerging talent, Tilak Varma, has embarked on a promising trajectory in his early international career. Functioning as a left-handed batter with a supplemental knack for off-spin, the 20-year-old naturally draws comparisons to renowned figures like Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina.

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A closer examination of Tilak’s batting style and proficiency suggests a stronger resemblance to Suresh Raina rather than Yuvraj Singh, particularly when these comparisons are taken into earnest consideration. His initiation into the international arena took place during the first T20I of the ongoing five-match series against the West Indies.

Tilak promptly etched his presence with an impactful flourish, driving two consecutive sixes to inaugurate his international tally. He then cemented this stellar start by securing his inaugural T20I half-century, coupled with an unbeaten 49-run display in the third T20I. The quest for a dependable left-handed batter, a void that India has sought to fill, finds resonance in Tilak’s placement within the middle order. This positioning is further fortified by Ishan Kishan’s affinity for the top order.

An intriguing layer unfolds when examining the interconnectedness of these two players. Beyond their stylistic affinities, their paths intersected during Tilak Varma’s earlier days as a ball-boy during an Indian Premier League (IPL) encounter. His childhood coach recounted this episode in an interview with the Times of India:
“Having already conversed with officials, I arranged for Tilak to be a ballboy. Taking him to the stadium, I secured a dedicated area where he received a jersey and the role of a ball boy for the game, coinciding with Raina’s play. It was a thoughtful gesture from me to him.”


Furthermore, the coach orchestrated another invaluable rendezvous for Tilak. Post-match, he facilitated an introduction between Tilak and Raina, a meeting resonating with significance. During this interaction, Tilak absorbed batting and fielding wisdom from Raina, fortifying his bond with his idol.

Amidst this backdrop of opportunity, a question emerges: Can Tilak Varma ascend to rival or even surpass his idol’s legacy in the years to come? This contemplation paves the way for an exploration of three Suresh Raina records in the T20 format that Tilak Varma could potentially set his sights on shattering.

Most T20I appearances by an Indian left-handed batter

Suresh Raina concluded his illustrious career with a tally of 78 T20I appearances, positioning him as the sixth-highest among Indian players and the premier figure among left-handed batters. Given Tilak Varma’s youthful age of 20 and the escalating significance of the T20 format, there’s every reason to believe he could eclipse this record.

Drawing parallels, Suresh Raina made his T20I debut at the same age of 20 during Team India’s inaugural match in this format. However, during the initial phase of his career, T20 matches were sporadically conducted. It was only later, when the format gained prominence and frequency heightened, that Raina found himself lower down in the hierarchy.

Conversely, Tilak Varma is poised for a promising trajectory, potentially steering towards surpassing the aforementioned record. This feat is contingent on his establishment as a steadfast presence within the playing XI. A pertinent example lies in India’s current T20I landscape, with nine matches already played this year despite the prevailing focus on the ODI World Cup.

In the preceding year, the Men in Blue actively participated in 40 T20Is, a testament to the format’s growing prominence. Notably, India’s upcoming calendar encompasses hosting 36 T20Is on home soil within the imminent cycle. Moreover, when factoring in overseas contests and marquee events like the World Cup, this number is poised to escalate further. Thus, Tilak Varma’s path to surpassing Raina’s record is anchored in his consistent contribution as a core member of the team.

Youngest Indian left-handed batter to score a T20I hundred

Shubman Gill rewrote the records by surpassing Suresh Raina’s decade-long milestone, emerging as the youngest Indian to notch a T20I century. This achievement was attained as he achieved the coveted three-figure mark during the third T20I against New Zealand. However, it’s pertinent to note that Raina continues to hold the distinction among left-handed batters.

Back in the 2010 T20 World Cup in the West Indies, Raina etched his name into history books when he struck his memorable century against South Africa. He accomplished this feat at the age of 23 years and 156 days.

Conversely, Tilak Varma, while yet to achieve a T20 hundred, possesses the valuable asset of youth. With almost three years in his favor, he’s presented with the opportunity to surmount the three-figure milestone on the international stage and eclipse Raina’s long-standing record.

The potential for Tilak Varma to attain this feat hinges on his consistent performances over time. This trajectory not only secures his spot within the playing XI but also aligns with the management’s aspirations. In turn, this progression opens doors to further opportunities at the pivotal No. 4 position, where the prospect of scoring a century is indeed within reach.

Fastest Indian left-handed batter to reach 1000 IPL runs

Suresh Raina stood among the pioneering group of batters to exceed the notable 1000-run mark in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Serving as a linchpin for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), he anchored the batting order from the No. 3 position, spearheading a string of productive seasons that launched his IPL journey with distinction.

Raina’s ascent to 1000 runs spanned 34 innings within the league. This achievement also granted him the distinction of being the first Indian to accomplish this milestone. However, the record Raina established could potentially be eclipsed by none other than Tilak Varma, among other contenders.
Tilak Varma’s MI debut yielded 397 runs; 740 runs across 25 innings in IPL. Needing 260 runs in 9 innings to surpass Raina’s record, 2024 offers a plausible chance for this accomplishment.