Premier League: Aston Villa gives a 4-0 clean sweep to Everton

Premier League

The Premier League has just started and now it looks like it is picking up pace. This league is certainly the most popular of all, and all the clubs have die-hard fans. In yesterday’s match, Aston Villa was able to ensure a clean sweep victory against Everton. That happened because they were far better than the opponent. They didn’t give even a single opportunity to Everton, to get their first goal in the game. And that is where Everton started heading to defeat. This was certainly a brilliant way to win the match. 

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Important moments of the match:

  • The start of the match was slightly tricky because even before the first goal was scored, a yellow card was issued to Douglas Luiz. After that, in the 18th minute of the match, the first goal was scored by J.Mcfinn. 
  • In the 24th minute of the match, quite a few things happened, a yellow card was issued to J. Pickford, and also a Penalty was scored by Douglas Luiz. Now the score of the match was 2-0, and Aston Villa was completely off the pressure. 
  • Everton tried a lot to score before the first half of the match, but instead of a couple of goals, they got a couple of yellow cards. 
  • Right after the second half of the match, the first goal was scored, and that was scored by L. Bailey for Aston Villa. The score turned out to be 3-0 and it was clear that there was not much left for Everton in the game. 
  • However, Everton should not give up that easily. But it was certainly not visible in their performance, because in the 75th minute, a goal was scored by Aston Villa. Now the score was 4-0. Now it is certain that in the next 15 minutes, there is no way that Everton will be able to score 5 goals to win the match or score 4 to draw the match. 
  • Everton tried but by the end of 90 mins(+8), the match was over and the score was 4-0. 

This was a completely one-sided game, and it has given Aston their first win in the Premier League.