The Asia Cup 2023: A Chance for Pakistan to Host a Multi-Nation ICC Event

asia cup 2023

Pakistan’s destiny in the Asia Cup and World Cup will be decided by meetings of the ACC in Dubai and the ICC in the UK, as the BCCI plays hardball against the PCB.

The next seven days are essential for the cricket match between India and Pakistan. The fate of the cursed competition will be decided at a meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in Dubai. Pakistan’s failure to host the Asia Cup in 2023 is almost certain. However, the World Cup 2023 will be significantly impacted by the choice.

It should be noted that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has rejected the idea of any matches in Pakistan and refuses to send a side there. However, the BCCI’s aggressive tactics will be harmful.

According to the report of Inside Sport close to BCCI, there is no chance of Pakistan holding the Asia Cup, so we will put up this matter to ICC so that the Champions Trophy also get shifted out. Still, Sri Lanka is all set to host Asia Cup 2023, and the final call will be taken after the ACC meeting.

Despite considering it, BCCI has decided against approving PCB’s hybrid approach. BCCI wants Pakistan to lose the Asia Cup at all costs. As PCB has already stated, whether Pakistan will boycott the Asia Cup is still being determined.

If BCCI is successful in persuading the other Asian cricketing nations, the event will probably take place in Sri Lanka. Pakistan supported UAE as a potential choice, while other boards rejected the notion.

The main concern is whether Pakistan will participate in the Asia Cup if they lose its hosting rights. The response could be more plausible. PCB president Najam Sethi has previously discussed a tri-nation series with other cricket governing bodies during the Asia Cup.

The Asia Cup might have five teams. The ACC can call in a 5th team from the UAE or another club to make up the difference.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will unlikely revoke BCCI’s hosting rights. Therefore, India will host the event as scheduled. On the margins of the WTC Final at the Oval, BCCI officials will meet with ICC authorities. Will Pakistan, however, also abstain from the World Cup? It’s going to be fascinating. Despite boycott threats, an already cash-strapped PCB may face significant fines from the ICC. PCB cannot pay the penalties because it depends heavily on ICC funding.

If they lose the privilege to host, PCB has already threatened to boycott the Asia and World Cup. Despite ICC’s efforts to arbitrate between PCB and BCCI, both boards have little influence in resolving the tense diplomatic relations.