Tactics Employed by Captains to Gain Psychological Edge in Ashes


Tactics of both English and Australian teams in the Ashes depends on the venue. However, whether it is played in Australia or England, the pitch conditions are usually the same. That is because in both countries, the tracks are bouncy. However, at times the track can be damp in England. Overall, the pacers are certainly going to get the advantage in the first innings. That is the reason, it is necessary to ensure that both the teams keep at least three pacers in the team. These are one of the tactics employed by the captains to gain a psychological edge in the ashes. 

Tactics used by the captains in the Ashes. 

There are several tactics that are used by the captains. Some of them are mentioned below. At the end of the day, the captains ensure that they do everything to win the Ashes, which is the most important series for them. 


There is no doubt about the fact that sledging is certainly effective for distracting the batsman. That can happen when a fielder, or a keeper gets involved in a conversation (specially heated) with the fielder. That can really break the flow of the batsman, and the bowler is certainly going to find it easy to get his wicket. 

Impressive drills 

While practising right in front of the opposition, the team can make sure that they practise some fielding drills. These drills might look tough, but they are actually going to be easy. That is because the ultimate goal of these drills is to gain an advantage over the opposition. 

Play several spinners against England 

History has shown that the best way to get a psychological advantage over England, is to ensure that you play several spinners. That is easily going to put them under pressure. That is because, since ages English batsmen have not been known to be good against spin. 

So, these are the tactics that usually work in the Ashes. Lets see if any new one will be created in this year’s Ashes.