Shubman Gill vs Virat Kohli at the age of 24 years Old? Who is bigger batsman let’s understand with Facts in Detail

Shubman Gill's absence creates a possible issue for India ahead of the ODI World Cup 2023 opener.

Shubman Gill, heralded as the potential successor to Virat Kohli in Indian cricket, has undoubtedly received ample opportunities to exhibit his talents, thanks to the support of various stakeholders in the sport. However, despite possessing immense promise, Gill has yet to fully capitalize on his potential.

To draw a statistical comparison, let’s examine Virat Kohli’s achievements at the age of 24 in 2014 against Shubman Gill’s performance as of 2024.He had accumulated 17 centuries in ODI cricket, with 11 of them contributing to India’s victories. In Test cricket, he had notched up 2 centuries, showcasing his adaptability and prowess in the longest format. In T20Is, Kohli had scored 2 half-centuries, demonstrating his versatility even in the shortest format of the game.

In contrast, Shubman Gill, at 24 in 2024, has shown glimpses of his potential but has not yet achieved the consistency or impact across formats akin to Kohli. He has managed to score 6 centuries in ODI cricket, 4 centuries in Test cricket, and 1 century in T20Is. While these numbers highlight his ability to score big, they also underscore his inconsistency compared to Kohli’s early career.

What sets Kohli apart is not just his ability to score centuries but his knack for doing so consistently and in crucial matches, contributing significantly to his team’s victories. This consistency is a hallmark of Kohli’s batting prowess and something Gill, despite his talent, is striving to achieve.

The journey of a young cricketer like Shubman Gill is often marked by expectations and comparisons, especially when likened to a player of Kohli’s stature. Gill’s development is a work in progress, with each innings adding to his experience and maturity. His supporters and critics alike are watching closely as he navigates the pressures and demands of international cricket.


In conclusion, while Gill has shown promise with his impressive century count across formats, the challenge lies in sustaining and enhancing this performance to match the unmatched consistency and impact that Virat Kohli has brought to Indian cricket. Time will tell if Gill can emulate his predecessor’s success and carve out his own legacy in the sport.