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When it comes to the point of being a football fan, half of the world will stand together. It is a sport that has injected its craze within the veins of different countries. Irrespective of sex, age and colour – football has achieved in forming an international fan base worldwide. Let’s checkout what are the reasons of Football being the most popular sport apart from the craziness of this game.

Technological Upgrade

football live streaming

As the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, watching live matches in the smartphones has become an everyday activity for everyone. A fan, even while being busy in everyday humdrums can enjoy his or her favourite sport anytime and anywhere. With the progress in technology, television gas becomes smart television, with which people get the feeling of watching a football match directly from the stadium.

Being on the edge of the seat

Crazy Football Fans

Football, with its short time slot unlike cricket makes the audience more and more anxious with every growing moment. Every bit of those 5,400 seconds is full of thrill and excitement. However, sometimes the game is stretched due to the equal scores of both the teams. It feels like not only the 22 players are running there on the field, but every single person watching is also taking part in the game. Some players have managed to become football sensations worldwide and many look up to them as their idols.

Great Value

football played by kids

Football has managed to become an invincible part of most of the countries worldwide, and not only as a sport but also with a cultural value. The game connects with its audience so strong that every match becomes like a part of their own lives. Football from being a local sport played by children, adolescents and youngsters, primarily has given birth to many unrecognized talents.

It is a sad and bitter truth that because of some immense competitions amongst fans of different teams or clubs, it gives birth to violence which very often turns into physical violence.


football matches

Football is entirely dependant upon speed,  a player needs to be veey active and swift in order to catch and react to every single movement going on in the field. Unlike other games, every single player in the field gets to feel the immense pressure during every single bit of those 90 minutes. With smart moves and flexible shot, the game keeps it’s audience at the edge of the seats. It is very much fascinating to watch the excellence that has been achieved by the player with hardcore practice and determination.

Cheap Equipment

football goalkeeper kick

As it only need a proper ball and some enthusiasts to start off with the game, football has nearly become a sport for every community. As the other games like cricket or hockey require other stuff, it becomes difficult sometimes to get hold of them. Football has made itself affordable and easily understandable , thus it is quickly adapted by most of the youngsters and children very quickly who are not able to afford any other sport.

However, players from national and international teams get to earn a lot by showing their talent and exellence in the field. They, by making each and every game as a life challange makes their country and even the whole world proud.

Football Clubs

football clubs

The immense rivalry amongst the supporters of different clubs has become an everydat phenomena. They take every match so seriously that upon loosing they become very much aggressive. Even their are certain situations where, upon getting to hear some negative comments about a club makes provokes it’s supporters to do sone harsh things. Football has become an emotion for most of the sports lovers.

FIFA World Cup


The great Fifa World Cup happens once in a four year, however it seems like fans are waiting for it hust after a season gets finished. Before one month of the commencement of the tournament, rallies are seen with flags of differnt teams cheering up and getting ready for the game. Even a country like India, where there is no international football team, people chooses their favourite teams from different countries and support it in a very heartily manner.

From making the trophy out of sand at the sea beaches or spending a lot of money to buy the ticket just to get a glimpse of their favourite player making that winning goal, football gets inside the nerves of it’s fanbase. As an international game, due to the difference of timezones, very often some matches are not held during the primetime. But this does not affect a single bit amongst the fans, they watch every single game despite following a very much caught up lifestyle.


football matches fans

As a sport, football gives a bit of fresh air to the audience from their daily boring routine. It not only makes people stick to their seats but also entertains them, by allowing to forget the daily life stress and anxieties for sometimes. Today life has become like a rat-race, where the everyday routine has to be followed like a machine. Football is like a rain check for most of the office goers and students. In fact, an elderly person ailing from some fatal diseases gets enthusiastic and forgets about their physical sufferings while enjoying the game.

Football Bets

Football Bets

Setting up a bet regarding a match is very common in football. Some people very much enjoy betting for their favourite teams or players during every single match. From being an oral thing and a friendly banter, the bets regarding natches have come up into the social media. We can often come across links which offer us to bet for our favourite teams.

Football is Growing

Cristiano Ronaldo

Due to it’s popularity and easy availability of match clips, football has started to grow and becone a national sport for many countries where there was no official team earlier. Even in India apart from the regional teams now we get to see the National Football league. In West Bengal the feuds between the supporters of the teams of Mohanbagan and East Bengal is very common. This sometimes take a viplent form during matches which should not be done.

Talented Players

neymar jr

Soccer, as football is called in many countries has given rise to some of the very talented players. Some of them are treated as the god of the game. Lionel Messi, has become a worldwide sensation with his power pact game and brilliant performances. Christiano Ronaldo is another name that makes the stadium crazy, with the magic in his feet and bullet like speed he continues to be the international star of soccer. The third name to be mentioned is Neymar, continues to the football sensation and also amongst one of the most higly paid players.


ronaldo fitness

A sport like football demands a lot of fitness. So in schools and in every activity club, the game is widely played to keep the participants fit. With most of the people having a desk job and being unable to get any kind of physical exercise, the local football leagues encourage people to participate. Children at schools from their heavily loaded syllabus, take refuge in those 90 minutes of fun and excitement. It not only keeps them fit, but also makes them escape the immense pressure of exams.

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