Real Kabaddi League Season 2 Memorable matches : Singh Soorma Vs. Aravali Eagles

Memorable matches of RKL

Match number 4 of the Real Kabaddi League season 2 took place between Singh Soorma and Aravali Eagles. This match truly went down the wire as the Eagles defeated the Soormas by a thin margin of 2 points.

Memorable matches of RKL season 2

The teams went toe-to-toe with each other and relentlessly chased each other. The competition was so cut throat that both the teams went all out twice. However, the Aravali Eagles kept their composure as they were able to win the match patiently.

Eagles raider Akhil Singh performed extremely well for the team as brought back 15 raid points out of 22 raids. Although they still have a lot to improve on as their defensive display was below average and didn’t support the Raiders enough. Manni Malik from Aravali helped his team mate by collecting only 2 raid points.

Meanwhile, Singh Soorma weren’t able to take advantage of the opportunities that were thrown at them. The Raiders gave their level best on the mat but the defence looked like the weakest link in the team.

Raiders Shri Bhagwan Rathi and Hitesh performed extremely well as the former took 7 raid points while Hitesh was able to bag an impressive 12 raid points in a total of 15 raids. The Raiding department looked very but their defence has turned out to be the biggest concern.

The Final score line at the end of 40 minutes was 39-41.