Is Ravi Shastri Comparison Between 1983 World Cup & Historic Australia Series Win Justified?

Ravi Shastri has the knack of making bold statements in the media; his boastful attitude made him a laughing stock for the fans. People forget his monumental achievements as a player and coach in the past and remember only his boastful tweets.

Ravi Shastri

The latest episode in the rich boast legacy is Ravi Shastri is him speaking audaciously in the press conference, he said “I will tell you how satisfying it is for me. World Cup 1983, World Championship of Cricket 1985 – this is as big or even bigger because it is in the truest (Test) format of the game. It’s Test cricket, which is meant to be the toughest.” He also tweeted calling the previous wins as “big” and the current test series win as “as big if not biggest.”

“1983 – was big

1985 – was big

2019 – is as big if not the biggest as it has come in the toughest format. Salute you Virat and boys for making this happen.”

These bold statements didn’t go too well with the fans and cricket enthusiast. There could be nothing bigger than winning a world cup against the world champion and comparing the feat with a historic test series win against weak Australian team doesn’t stand an argument.

The question is that is this comparison really justified? India is a world number 1 team across all the format at the moment and has the potential to conquer any overseas territory, on papers Australia never stood any chance against the mighty Indians. It was the weakest Australian team in the last 30 years, they never exactly troubled India in any department and easily surrendered.

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Now rewind the memory clock 26 years back, the moment when India became the world champions defeating the mighty West Indies in 1983. The victory opened a new chapter in Indian cricket, the world saw the evolution of Indian cricket from underdog to world champion in the next decades to come. It was the 1983 World Cup that encouraged the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, and Rahul Dravid to become an international cricketer. Both the 1983 World Cup and 1985 world championship were the stepping stones on which the current Indian cricket team stands. The gravity of historic Australian test series is remarkable but doesn’t come near to World Cup or World Championship.

What if India wins the world cup under the leadership of Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri, will they still stand with their statements, probably not. The statement was just a flurry of emotions.

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