Paris Olympics: Jyothi Yarraji becomes first Indian to qualify for Women’s 100m hurdles event

Paris Olympics, Jyothi Yarraji

Jyothi Yarraji, India’s fastest female hurdler, is all set to take the track at the Paris Olympics 2024, becoming the first Indian woman ever to compete in the 100m hurdles event at the prestigious event.

This is a monumental feat, not just for Jyothi but for Indian athletics as a whole. The women’s 100m hurdles has been a staple at the Olympics since 1972, yet no Indian woman has ever made it to the start line. Jyothi is shattering that barrier, paving the way for future generations of female hurdlers.

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Supported by the Reliance Foundation, Jyothi Yarraji has constantly pushed her limits, defying expectations. Nita Ambani, the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, expressed immense pride in Jyothi’s achievement, stating, “Jyothi’s journey, her dedication, and her incredible achievement are a testament to the power of dreams and relentless hard work.” The Reliance Foundation has been a staunch supporter of Jyothi, providing her with the resources and guidance she needs to excel at the highest level.

Jyothi’s dominance within India is undeniable. She is the reigning national record holder in the 100m hurdles, the only Indian woman to ever medal at the Asian Games in this event, and the sole athlete to have dipped below the 13-second mark. Her relentless pursuit of excellence has inspired a wave of improvement in Indian women’s hurdling, with three other women now surpassing the previous national record.

Jyothi’s personal best currently stands at 12.78 seconds, a mark she achieved earlier this year despite facing a hurdle collision at the finish line. This determination and ability to overcome challenges are hallmarks of her athletic spirit. Recently, she secured another gold medal at the Senior Inter-State Athletics Championships, maintaining her undefeated streak on Indian soil.

However, Jyothi’s journey transcends record-breaking. It’s about inspiring a nation. Her story embodies resilience and the power of unwavering belief. She is a beacon of hope for young girls across India, demonstrating that with hard work and dedication, they can achieve their dreams, no matter how seemingly impossible.

Jyothi’s presence at the Paris Olympics is a significant moment not just for her but for Indian athletics as a whole. It signifies the nation’s growing prominence in the global sporting arena. Her performance will be watched with bated breath by millions of Indians cheering her on. 

This moment can be a catalyst for a surge in interest in track and field, particularly amongst young girls. Jyothi’s success story underscores the importance of initiatives like those undertaken by the Reliance Foundation, which provide crucial support and development opportunities for aspiring Indian athletes.