Pakistan’s bowling coach, Waqar Younis, may announce resignation if he fails to meet his expectations

Waqar Younis, who is currently the bowling coach of the Pakistan Cricket team has declared that he may curtail his three-year contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) if he feels he is unable to see satisfactory results from his job.


PCB has gotten the veteran pacer to work with the team time and again to coach its bowlers since 2006. This could be the third time the national team’s coach would be resigning from the post. He was appointed as the head coach of the team in 2010 but resigned in 2011 quoting personal reasons. In 2014 he decided to take up his position again but his second resignation was awaiting him in 2016 after Pakistan’s disappointing performance in the T-20 World Cup and Asia Cup.

This time he chooses to allow no room for errors and plans on accomplishing all of his set targets. Although if the results are otherwise, he won’t refrain from stepping down from the role again.

 “I will be reviewing myself after a year and let me make it clear if I feel I am not good enough for the job and I am not doing justice to it I will resign and leave myself. It is not as if because I have a three-year contract I will hang around. I have some set targets in mind and I want to help and groom the young fast bowlers.

“The way I look at it my plan is to prepare a settled bowling attack for test cricket and keep a rotation policy for the white-ball formats. Where we adopt a horses for courses policy. Pick those who are in form for us,” he cited. 

He also emphasized on grooming the young players and constructing a concrete foundation for the future of bowling in the Pakistani team.