One of the best matches of Real Kabaddi League season 2 : Mewar Monks Vs. Bikana Riders

The Real Kabaddi league season 2 featured some mouth watering games and this one between Mewar Monks and Bikana Riders was no exception. This will probably go down as one of the scintillating matches in the RKL history and also one of the most high scoring matches. 

Memorable matches of RKL season 2

This was match number 21 of the RKL season 2 and both teams were looking to win the game in order to advance to the final stages of the game. The Monks were able to score a whopping 63 points whereas the Riders notched 58 points. 

Mewar Raider Jatin Sharma was breathing fire throughout the game as he was the backbone of his team’s victory. He alone brought back outstanding 35 raid points in 41 attempts and also became the man of the match. 

Raider Ajay and Anirudh Pawar from Bikana Riders collected a combined number of 27 raid points but they didn’t get enough backing from their team mates. The final score line of this match was 63-58.