‘No support over ban’ reveals manager Pep Guardiola


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Manchester City was claimed guilty over the breaching the FFP (Financial Fair Play) which ended as a result of the team getting banned for two years from the champions league followed by a €30m fine. However, the club would be looking forward to withdrawing the appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, stating their name will be cleared.

Despite the ban, manager Pep Guardiola pledged to stand by the club and complete his contract, which will be continued for the next year post the ongoing season. In an interview when asked about how has the football fraternity being taking the ban, and that If they have received many messages of support he answered straightforwardly with a “No.”

Guardiola had already received a setback when their president Josep Bartomeu appeared to support the ban. And he was positive about City’s achievements, regardless of the ruling.

He added: “We cannot change what people think. I know how hard we work.  I am so proud of how hard we’ve worked all these years. No one helped us outside, we did it day by day, game by game.  This is not finished, it’s not over, we appeal as a club and we see what happens.”


City chief executive Ferran Soriano asserted that the club’s name would be cleared after allegations of them overstating the sponsorship values to circumvent FFP regulations.

He said: “Well the most important thing I have to say today is that the allegations are not true. They are simply not true.

“The owner has not put money in this club that has not been properly declared. We are a sustainable football club, we are profitable, we don’t have debt, our accounts have been scrutinized many times, by auditors, by regulators, by investors and this is perfectly clear.”