New Zealand commentator Simon Doull stirs major controversy! Says living in Pakistan is like living in a Jail!

New Zealand commentator Simon Doull stirs major controversy! Says living in Pakistan is like living in a Jail!

Just when Pakistan Cricket Board were managing to avoid controversies or allegations, New Zealand commentator Simon Doull dropped a major bombshell when he opened up about his struggles during his recent visit to Pakistan for the country’s International top-tier T20 franchise league.

He expressed living in Pakistan is nothing less than living in a jail. Pakistan, as we all know are defamed for not being able to provide security, something we had witnessed during the last 2 decades. This frightening issue has long hunted Pakistan and Simon Doull just added some question marks to that!

The 53-year-old Kiwi said that he was mentally tortured by a “sect” of Babar Azam fans right outside the hotel he was residing. He mourned about living without proper food for many days and it raises another question – Where is the Freedom?

Living in Pakistan is like living in jail. I was not allowed to go out as Babar Azam fans were waiting for me. And I stayed without food for many days. Even I was mentally tortured but by the grace of God, I somehow escaped.” – said Simon Doull

It all sparked up when Doull said that Babar Azam should not be opening alongside Mohammad Rizwan because of his low strike rate and taking more than 10 balls to get from 83 to triple figures. Then he also ended up having an argument with co-commentator Aamir Sohail about strike rate’s being better or Averages.

After Sohail spoke about believing in averages, he told Doull even the greatest T20 batters (Chris Gayle & AB De Villiers) did not have more than 130 as their strike rate. To which, Doull reminded that both of the batters had strike rates of more than 145.

After that Babar Azam fans in Pakistan were not having it. They showed up to probably have some words with Simon Doull and declined him the feeling of fresh air at Pakistan and the Kiwi himself feels grateful to have returned safely.

“Rather than putting the team first… the last little while, that’s all that been happening. Rather than looking for boundaries, still, so much firepower to come. Hundreds are brilliant, stats are great, but it has to be team first.” – this comment had Babar fans angry.