Michael Vaughan suggest Virat Kohli to be ‘selfish’ in order to win upcoming T20 World Cup scheduled in India


It looks like the Indian team is following some sort of script where only the format changes but the result remains the same which means that they will lose the first match of the series and will bounce back to win the series.

As It happened Indian team was outclassed by the English team in the recently concluded 1st T20 where they suffered a humungous defeat by eight wickets against World Number 1 T20 side.

They were completely outclassed by the brilliant English side in all departments and the visitor’s dominance can be predicted by the fact that India lost their three wickets in the first six overs.

and they kept on losing wickets at regular intervals barring a small partnership between Pandya and Iyer where the latter scored 67 runs but unfortunately he didn’t get any support from other batsmen.

If a team loses captain is the first person who faces repercussion no matter how well you have lead the team in the past it’s every match that counts for the players and most importantly skipper.

Recently Michael Vaughan who is active on social media criticized Indian skipper who played an unusual shot to throw his wicket instead of spending time in the middle.

However, he also suggested that Kohli has to become more selfish if Men in Blue wants to win the T20 World Cup. He should focus on his natural game rather than playing in an unusual way.

“For India to get those big scores, be really effective, and go on to win the T20 World Cup, it will serve the team better if Virat is just a little bit selfish. A little bit more selfish in the first few deliveries gives himself ten balls to get in. Even if he leaves out 3-4 balls in that, you know a couple of boundaries, and he will be on his way,” said Vaughan in a chat with Cricbuzz.

He further concluded that the Indian skipper doesn’t look out of form at all it’s just he has to focus on his natural game and spend time in the middle and if he does that he will be back to his best.

“I never get concerned with Virat’s batting because he never looks, in terms of movements, that he is out of form. But something will be triggering in that mind that is quite not right at the minute, but he’s only 10-15 balls away from being back to the Virat Kohli we know. He just doesn’t have to take too many risks too soon when he goes out there in the middle,” concluded Vaughan.