Lionel Messi Gets a Backlash From the Fans For His Celebration

Lionel Messi

In a recent match in the Leagues Cup, Lionel Messi performed extremely well. He scored 2 goals to make his team, Inter Miami, win. However, after scoring the goal, while making the celebration he imitated the “Wakanda Forever” style from the Avengers. He did it for the fans, but it looks like the fans have not enjoyed this at all. Messi received a lot of backlash from the fans on the internet. 

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Why did fans show a backlash? 

The Avengers fans, who are also football fans, were able to make the comparison, the Black Panther and Lionel Messi. After that, these are the few comments Messi got on social media. 

  • One of the fans said on Twitter, “He is so cringe.”
  • Someone said, “Bro thinks he is cold.”
  • Some said that he is certainly looking for a trademark celebration. 
  • A fan even mentioned that he had spent only one day in America, and that turned him into a geek. 

The comment that said that he was cringe, was liked by over one thousand users. That clearly shows that there was certainly some issue with his gesture that annoyed the fans. 

This summer many fans and experts were expecting Messi to return to Barcelona from PSG, but he preferred coming to Inter Miami. However, Inter Miami is certainly making the best use of this. Since the arrival of Messi, Inter Miami has just been winning the matches. 

Reports said that Barcelona was not having enough funds to re-sign Messi. That is the reason he headed for Inter Miami. Messi is certainly proving his worth by making his team consistently win the match. However, when he was questioned that he left Barcelona for money. But he clearly mentioned that in case it had been a matter of money, then he had gone to Arabia.