Let’s analyze the Indian sporting structure in reference to Olympics 2020 in detail

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Tokyo Olympics 2020 is certainly raised a lot of eyeballs even before the tournament hasn’t started yet as the mega event is all set to start from 23rd July 2021.

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Recently the first case inside the Olympics village has been detected that was confirmed by one of the organizers as per the reports are to believed that person has been shifted to another place out of Olympic village. 11,000 athletes approx will be staying inside the village so testing at that large scale and maintaining safety and security protocol will be one of the biggest challenges for Organizers and the Japanese Government who are struggling to cope up the spike of COVID-19 cases in the country.

That’s why the government has decided to impose a Virus state of emergency to tackle the presence of coronavirus in Japan.

Let’s have some frank analysis about Indian sporting structure in reference to Tokyo 2020 in detail:

  1. Despite 125 Indian athletes(approx) have qualified for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2021 but still, we need to admit that the population of 1.3 billion where several games like Chess, Wrestling, and Kabadi we have been pioneers the number of qualified athletes in one of the biggest sporting events in the world is extremely less.
  2. Indian sporting infrastructure has to improve a lot so that players meeting International standards can be developed.
  3. Media also need to cover players barring cricket too so that fans know the player’s name, background, achievements, etc.
  4. India is competing in 18 Sports categories in the upcoming Olympics in reference to China who will be sending close to 431 athletes who will be competing in 276 sports categories.
  5. There are several events like weightlifting and fencing where only one player has qualified from India which is not a good sign as more players from these events should come up the ranks so that they can meet the standard of the Olympics easily.
  6. Lastly, I want to add that scouting programs should be developed by national federations so that players from grass root level can be identified and they can be groomed with the passage of time to represent India in the future.