LeBron James reacts to the NBA season suspension after the league’s first COVID-19 case


Los Angeles Lakers’ star Lebron James has already expressed his frustration because of the Corona Virus outbreak globally. Previously, he had refused to play in the empty stadiums amidst the spreading cases of the virus. Now he has reacted after the NBA has suspended the whole season over its first case of coronavirus in the league.

Utah Jazz’s star Center Rudy Gobert is the first player to be tested positive for the Corona Virus after complaining for influenza, strep throat and an upper respiratory infection. His case prompted the NBA to suspend the whole season as they try to come up with possible solutions to prevent the virus from further outspreading. 

Lebron James, a four-time MVP, immediately reflected on what’s been a tough 2020 for the NBA community, with these circumstances coming less than two months after Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate death. He responded to this incident as he tweeted: “Man we canceling sporting events, school, office work, etc, etc. What we really need to cancel is 2020!” 

The league has been working non-stop to come up with the preventive measures and it is comprehensible why the NBA legend has been frustrated as he recently mentioned that it would be disappointing for the fans if the players played behind the closed doors without their fans. Now the fans, players, teams, the media, and all NBA stakeholders can only hope that they will be able to get through it sooner than later.