Kapil Dev, Mohd. Azharuddin want BCCI to take strict action against U-19 players

kapil dev and azharuddin


The Under-19 Cricket team of Bangladesh defeated the Indian team in a thrilling encounter to clinch their first-ever Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Both the teams played the best of the cricket and the deserving team won the game. But what happened afterward was something that no one ever imagined.

While coming out to celebrate after the winning runs were struck, it is alleged that some of the Bangladesh players started to abuse the Indian players and in return, the Indians began to say inappropriate words too. But then things went out of the hands and some players from both the teams got engaged in a dirty scuffle which left everyone baffled.

Players from both the teams were criticized for their poor behavior and the International Cricket Council (ICC) has identified five players who were responsible for the scuffles.

Speaking on the same, legendary Indian skipper Kapil Dev noted that BCCI should take some strict action on the youngsters involved in the infamous incident and wants the governing body to set an example for other youngsters too.

“I would like to see the board (BCCI) take some strict action against the players to set an example. Cricket is not about abusing the opponent. I am sure there is enough reason for these youngsters to be dealt with firmly by BCCI,” Dev said.

The former Indian cricketer further added that he does not have anything against “aggression” but players cannot cross the line of decency in the name of being competitive.

“I would say it was unacceptable that youngsters put up such an obnoxious display on the cricket field,” Kapil Dev added.

Echoing Dev’s sentiments, Mohammad Azharuddin also wants BCCI to take stern action against the “errant” under-19 cricketers. The former right-hand batsman concluded by saying that the players need to be “disciplined” now or it would be too late.

“I would take action against the errant Under 19 players, but I also want to know what role has the support staff played in educating these youngsters. Act now before it is too late. The players have to be disciplined,” Azharuddin said.

The five players that have been identified by the ICC are Shamim Hossain, Rakibul Hasan, and Towhid Hridoy from Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Indian players Akash Singh and Ravi Bishnoi from Indian have also been reprimanded.


The Bangladesh players have been handed six demerit points and found guilty of breaching the level three of ICC Code of Conduct while Indian players have been given five demerit points.