Jerome Boateng fined by Bayern Munich for breaching the lockdown

Jerome boateng

Germany’s Jerome Boateng who is also a defender in the Bayern Munich Football club has been fined by the club for breaking the lockdown rule set by the government. 


Apparently, Jerome left Munich to visit his son who was ill. The 31-year-old broke the rule of the lockdown set by the government due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country as he had to travel to meet his son. However, this didn’t go down well with his club as they issued him a notice that said, “Boateng has transgressed the guidelines issued by the club by being too far away from his home. These guidelines govern the behaviour of the FC Bayern players in the current situation in line with the Bavarian state government’s directives on restrictions on movement and the recommendations of the health authorities.”

As Boateng spoke to the German newspaper Bild, he clarified that he was aware of his mistake of not informing the club as, during that time, he was very concerned about his son’s health. 

“He was not in good health. When a son calls his father, of course, I will still go, no matter what time. For him I accept any punishment; after all, he is my son,” Boateng said.

Boateng joined the Bayern Munich in 2011 and since then he has made over 200 appearances for the side and also played a significant in winning UEFA Champions League for the side in 2013. Being a defender, Boateng has scored eight goals to go along with 23 assists in 310 appearances in his career so far. 

The club did not reveal the amount of fine they charged from him, but whatever the fine he paid would be donated to the hospitals in Munich. The number of deaths in Germany due to the coronavirus has crossed over 1000 while the total number of positive cases of the coronavirus has also crossed 83,000 as revealed by the German authorities.