Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Match Result & Stats: PKL 2019

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Match Result & Stats

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Match Result & Stats
Jaipur Pink Panthers registered yet another win in Pro Kabaddi 2019 to go third on the table, only on score different, as they beat a resurgent Puneri Paltan side by 33-25 at the EKA Arena by TransStadia. 

Raiders did bulk of the scoring as the game began fairly evenly, up until the last 5 minutes of the first half when Jaipur Pink Panthers started to gain some ascendency as Nitin Rawal and Deepak Hooda ran riot in the Puneri Paltan half. The raiding duo were backed well by the defence, where Vishal took the lead and executed crucial tackles. Jaipur Pink Panthers went into the break with a 17-11 lead, but Pune seemed to be getting some footing in the last minute or two of the half with substitute Pankaj Mohite getting some crucial points for his side.

Puneri Paltan started the second half well and cut the gap with Pankaj Mohite and Nitin Tomar playing tricks in Pink Panthers’ half, however, their happiness was short-lived as Deepak Hooda and Nitin Rawal performed brilliantly in addition to Amit Hooda, Sandeep Kumar Dhull and Vishal on the defensive front. 

The lead kept rising and Jaipur Pink Panthers 11 points ahead at the half-time mark in the second half. It soon shot up to 13, however, Puneri Paltan pulled-off a couple of fine tackles, including a super-tackle, backed by some neat work by Pankaj Mohite on the raiding front to cut the gap, and almost secure a point for their side, but it was not to be as the Paltan went on to lose the match by 8 points. 

As a result, Puneri Paltan continued to stay bottom of the table and are now in a desperate need of some magic to get back into the hunt. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Starting Sevens
Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Niwas Hooda, Nilesh Salunkhe, Nitin Rawal, Vishal, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Amit Hooda, Sunil Siddhgavali
Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar, Sushant Sail, Surjeet Singh, Girish Ernak, Manjeet, Jadhav Shahaji, Shubham Shinde

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Top Scorers

Jaipur Pink Panthers-
Raiding: Deepak Niwas Hooda- 9 points 
Defending: Vishal– 4 points

Puneri Paltan
Raiding: Pankaj Mohite – 8 points 
Defending: Surjeet Singh – 3 points

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Overall Scorecard

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Deepak Niwas Hooda: 10 points
Nilesh Salunkhe: 3 points
Nitin Rawal: 4 points
Vishal: 4 points
Sandeep Kumar Dhull: 4 points
Amit Hooda: 3 points
Sunil Siddhgavali: 0 points

Deepak Narwal: 0 points
Pavan TR: 1 point

Puneri Paltan
Nitin Tomar: 3 points
Sushant Sail: 1 point
Surjeet Singh: 3 points
Girish Ernak: 0 points
Manjeet: 5 points
Jadhav Shahaji: 2 points
Shubham Shinde: 0 points

Pankaj Mohite: 8 points
Hadi Tajik: 2 points
Sagar Krishna: 0 points

Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan Score Comparisons

Raid Points:
Jaipur Pink Panthers: 16 points
Puneri Paltan: 16 points

Tackle Points:
Jaipur Pink Panthers: 13 points
Puneri Paltan: 8 points

All Out Points:
Jaipur Pink Panthers: 4 points
Puneri Paltan: 0 points

Extra Points:
Jaipur Pink Panthers: 0 points
Puneri Paltan: 1 point

Milestones Achieved in the game

  • Sandeep Kumar Dhull played his 50th Pro Kabaddi Match
  • Nitin Tomar registered 100 Raid Bonus Points in Pro Kabaddi

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